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The full name of CDN is Content Delivery Network. The basic principle of CDN is to widely use various cache servers and distribute these cache servers to areas or networks where user access is relatively concentrated. When users visit websites, global load technology is used to direct user access to the nearest working cache. On the server, the cache server directly responds to user requests.

Looking at the entire value chain of broadband services, content providers and users are located at both ends of the entire value chain, relying on network service providers to connect them in series. With the maturity of the Internet industry and the transformation of business models, the roles in this value chain are becoming more and more subdivided. Its purpose is to enable users to obtain the required content nearby, solve the congestion of the Internet network, and improve the response speed of users visiting the website. .

Current CDN services are mainly used in securities, finance and insurance, ISP, ICP, online transactions, portals, large and medium-sized companies, and online teaching. In addition, it can be used in industry private networks and the Internet, and it can even be used to optimize the LAN.


Using CDN, these websites do not need to invest in expensive various servers and set up sub-sites, especially the wide application of streaming media information, remote teaching courseware and other media information that consumes a lot of bandwidth resources. The CDN network is used to copy the content to the edge of the network , To minimize the distance between the content request point and the delivery point, thereby promoting the improvement of Web site performance, which is of great significance.


CDN can cover almost all domestic lines. In terms of reliability, CDN has achieved multi-point redundancy in structure. Even if a node fails unexpectedly, the visit to the website can be automatically directed to other healthy nodes to respond. CDN can easily implement the nationwide deployment of websites, without considering server investment and hosting, without considering the cost of new bandwidth, without considering the mirror synchronization of multiple servers, and without considering more management and maintenance technicians.
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