Giant Network and Analysys International today jointly released the "Intelligent Online Research Report"

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Summary: View the latest market of brain residual players nationwide distribution map May 12 Morning news, giant network and Analysys International today jointly released the "Intelligent Online Research Report," the report on the network hot discussion of the brain residual players to define the group, that is, the game has produced irrational according to view the latest market
National distribution map of "Brain remnant players"

May 12 Morning News, giant network and Analysys International today jointly released the "Intelligent Online Research Report," the report on the network hot discussion of the "brain residual players" group to define, that is, the game produced an irrational dependence, the loss of self players. According to the report, more than 67.5% of the players think their friends and teammates are "brain-mutilated players" who think they are "brain-dead" only 0.02%.

The report points out that players who have an irrational reliance on some games have lost themselves in the crowd. A survey of players ' unusual behavior and mood suggests that China meets the number of people defined by the brain-mutilation player or up to 100 million.

Regional distribution, the number of brain-residual players in the northeast, Henan, Fujian Province, the second and third, respectively, accounted for the total number of 29.7%, 17.2%, 12.9%. In gender research, male "brain-residual players" 30% more than women. More than 67.5% players think their friends, teammates are "brain residual players", that they are "brain residue" accounted for only 0.02%.

Introduction to the Giants, the report through questionnaires, user interviews, on-site testing, "Rivers and lakes" intelligent Online games Oidas system sampling and other methods, collection, analysis of user data, combined with giant network and its intelligent research and development cooperation units for many years of research and development, data accumulation, the user's behavior to develop mining and analysis, writing reports. In the crowd sampling, research methods, data statistics, mathematical modeling, analysis and deduction, and so on, for reference nationwide survey of Internet users. There are some deviations in the results of the survey, which mainly provide data and theoretical reference for the people who are concerned about the development of intelligent games.

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