Giant Network CEO Liu Wei received the "succession" after the first interview

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Absrtact: Giant network CEO Liu Wei this month, the giant in Tianjin held a 2014-year strategic online game "Rivers and lakes" of the inside of the press conference, the Chairman Shi Yuzhu played a real retirement. Appeared in the scene, is the Shi Yuzhu is positioned as the young man Liu Wei and Guixe. Giants listed
Giant Network CEO Liu Wei

This month, the giant in Tianjin held a 2014-year strategic online game "Rivers and lakes" of the inside of the press conference, the Chairman Shi Yuzhu played a "real retirement." Appeared in the scene, is the Shi Yuzhu is positioned as "young man" Liu Wei and Guixe. After the Giants listed, Shi Yuzhu began to retire to the second line, consciously in management to let go. He chose his partner, Liu Wei as his successor, and Research and Development took 2005 years to take over from Fudan University's Guixe, forming a succession of dual structure.

In the division of labor, one is responsible for the company's overall control, strategic decision-making, capital operation, one is responsible for the company research and development, technology, specific business; in character, a rational, a publicity, built the post Shi Yuzhu era giant "Lake".

In the words of Shi Yuzhu, its personal brand probably in 1 years after his resignation will subside, but in Liu Wei's opinion, Shi Yuzhu still is the company's spiritual leader. In Guixe view, Liu Wei is like a big sister, the post Shi Yuzhu era of the river people bonded up.

Left the Shi Yuzhu's giant net completes the privatization, enters two times the beginning of the enterprise. 2014 Giants put forward the continued independent research and development of the boutique strategy, and speed up the promotion of hand travel strategy, this is the Shi Yuzhu era has not been promoted business. And Liu Wei and Guixe to the "post-history" era to lead the giant network to complete two startups? In Tianjin, the giant network C-E O Liu Wei received the "succession" after the first interview.

On the establishment of the mechanism of beating chicken blood in two times

Nancy: You mentioned that the three years after 2004 are particularly hard three years, why?

Liu Wei: When starting a certain success, how to motivate people to have a sustained entrepreneurial drive, how to motivate the young people who did not participate in the first venture to continue to invest, this is a need to think about the direction. This should be from the mechanism, from the benefit of sharing, from the corporate culture has been to create this entrepreneurial mechanism.

In Silicon Valley, you can especially feel that everyone there is with the chicken blood like, think he can change the world, but many industries in China do not have this culture. If there is no incentive mechanism, for a certain volume of companies and a listed company, it is easy to have "big company disease": Everyone anyway under the tree, under the tree good shade.

Nancy: How do you fight chicken blood for your employees?

Liu Wei: Like the giant subsidiary system this benefit-sharing mechanism, is the parent company holding 51, subsidiaries holding 49, then you can see that if a successful game, you can get a lot of benefits to share. Sometimes it is not all material, including platform, you give him a platform is also very important, to make everyone feel as long as the ability, there are more opportunities.

The purpose of everyone's business is a lot of heavy. He hopes to gain benefits, but also hope to grow, hope to change the industry, can make a mark, these are goals, to give him the opportunity to all-round.

On Shi Yuzhu: The psychology of getting rid of dependence

South: Shi Yuzhu has been away from the company for a year, do you have any changes on the management mentality?

Liu Wei: The history should always start from 2010 slowly fade to the management of the company, we are the team together to do the management of the company, each has the division of labor, these years running-in down is still very good. The whole team is very young, everyone is in the line of business, everyone is with the project.

South: Will there be a certain moment that "ah, if the history is always good" such a situation?

Liu Wei: It may also be, because history is always the spiritual leader of the company. I think the history of the user's understanding of the level must be the master level, learning Peak is a young team, from the mentality of more close to the player, but from the grasp of human nature must always be the Master class.

However, I think every company must have its different process, including entrepreneurial period, growth period, maturity, and entrepreneurial period. If we always have a psychological dependence, that history is always 50 years old, this company after the successor no one, can not develop? From this point of view, our team is still more positive, we should get rid of this dependence of the mentality, can go forward.

Nan du: How often do you go to find Shi Yuzhu?

Liu Wei: not too high. Psychologically he still wants us to be independent, and we try to solve the problem through internal consultation.

On successors: The successor can not be asked

Nancy: You just talked about succession, how do you find the next generation of successors?

Liu Wei: The word I use is inheritance, it's not just about the first generation of leaders, it's a constant process, just like the wheels rolling forward. To tell you the truth, a very comprehensive young people are not easy to find, he has to have a game research and development ability, creative ability, production ability, and management skills, communication and also very smooth, and then the psychological quality is more mature, especially when the company encountered big problems can be stable and mature to deal with, this is very important, This needs to be observed for a long time to screen, a little can not be asked.

Nancy: You are also investing in some teams, how do you choose a team as an investor?

Liu Wei: Most of my investment is small and medium entrepreneurial team, because it is very early investments, the risk is very high. So the first is the judgment of the person, especially the team leader. The second is to communicate the concept of research and development: what is a fun game.

Nan du: Now a lot of business is put into the bat map inside, how do you see the game this piece of business?

Liu Wei: Every company made out of the product it is a lot of unique, such as NetEase, Grand, giant, perfect style are different, so I think as long as the continuous efforts to do, it is certainly competitive.

As an internet company, you should do what you are good at. If you're too big and you want all of it, it might not be a good strategy.

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