Giant Network in Shanghai ChinaJoy during the announcement, "Washi Wrath" game is about to start not to delete the file test

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The giant network is the first to expose the game in the introduction of China's two-year period of local details.

"Washi Wrath" by the Russian "Heroes Invincible 5" development team Astrum Nival developed a large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game, in Europe and the United States, the game performance for a Time beyond Warcraft and famous, known as the "Russian National treasure class online games."

Pengcheng in ChinaJoy in the low-key appearance, this is the vice president to join the Giants in 2 years after the first appearance in the media. Pengcheng 2010 joined the Giants network, with great concentration in charge of the core game "journey" operation. Then the giant set up overseas operations Center, Pengcheng as the head of the center.

The giant has set "Washi wrath" as the third quarter of this year's main push products. Pengcheng Frankly, Giants before the player group to two or three-line city, "Washi nu" player group relatively high-end, mainly in the north-canton and other front-line cities. This is the first time a giant agent in Europe and America 3D.

As early as 2009, the Giant won the "Washi Wrath" in mainland China proxy, in the past two years has been committed to localization work. Pengcheng said: "It may feel a little strange outside, get the wizard for the past two years." Developers have not been idle for two years, we have been pulled to change the game. ”

It is reported that "Washi wrath" of the National Service has appeared in Chinese New Year elements, while the Chinese players are accustomed to automatic search road system will be online. In the run-in with Chinese partners, the Russian developers have completed the transition from not understanding to supporting and actively developing Chinese elements.

"Washi Anger," Russian producer Ilya Maryasovilya, said that many Western games in China failed because the game developers do not respect or understand the Chinese players. As the developer of "Washi wrath", it attaches great importance to the game experience of Chinese players. In order to better enter the Chinese market, the game has done a lot of localization improvement, or even add new game content.

For players and the media concerned about the game revenue issue, Pengcheng said the giants of "Washi anger" did not put forward the income requirements. "We are committed to creating a durable quality, a momentary number of players or high profits are meaningless." "Washi Wrath" will be opened in August not to delete the file test, by the domestic top voice team to build the game country to take the Chinese dubbing, will not be deleted in the first "debut."

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