Giant Network "Journey" Cancellation "Open box" function

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Digging the net June 29 news in response to the Ministry of Culture and other recent virtual currency management of the new rules, giant network June 26 announced "Journey" free version will be canceled on July 6 "Open box" function.  It is understood that the current market most games have "open box" function. "Journey" official website on the evening of June 26 issued a notice, said that the box will be canceled on July 6 function, and suggest players in the transition period as soon as possible with binding and unbound key Open box function. Officials are committed to stepping up new gameplay and functionality.  At the same time, according to the "notice" of the relevant provisions of the virtual currency, but also actively explore the "wage" new uses. The head of the "journey" Project said the cancellation of "Open box" is very beneficial to non-paying players.  "Journey of Nostalgia" in September 2008 when the public test announced the cancellation of "Open box" function, and the elimination of equipment modification and experience props, has attracted more than 500,000 "journey" old players return. The free version of the journey also continues to explore measures to attract non-paying players.  June 19, "Journey" free version of the formal opening of the two groups of green new areas, the introduction of "increase the number of players base blood", "white-filled synthetic green", "Grade Seal", "strictly control the use of meritorious characters", "Peace mission" and a series of measures, green new area quickly  The free version of the journey will also launch the largest scale ever in history, with new features such as child birth and Gongchenglvede, which will give players a healthier and more interesting gaming experience. It is understood that most of the games have opened the box function, since the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Commerce June 26 promulgated the "online game virtual currency trading Management notice" since the giant network is the first to announce the abolition of the "Open box" function of the enterprise. (Digging the Bay Net Peng exhibition)
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