Giant network Liu Wei: online gaming industry farewell to ultra-high speed growth

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July 28 Afternoon News, giant network president Liu Wei in the 2010 ChinaJoy Summit Forum, expected this year, China's online gaming industry will bid farewell to ultra-high speed growth, the giant network is expected this year the entire industry growth will be less than 30%.  Liu said that while the Chinese online gaming industry will say goodbye to ultra-high speed growth, it is also a good industry to keep 20% growth.  She said that the giant network will stick to the fundamental products, independent research and development can withstand the test of the online boutique. The following is the full text of the speech: Good afternoon. Three months ago, a boss of the gaming industry said after years of growth, the whole of the game is falling, Shi Yuzhu also put forward, and then a like "journey", "Tianlong eight," The game is less and fewer, is expected this year's market growth may be less than 30%, along with China's economic growth from double-digit to Single-digit,  The increase in the number of new Internet users, as the cost of development, online games will say goodbye to the growth of ultra-high speed, for different companies, in the annual growth rate of more than 20%, still can grasp the opportunities of ultra-high speed growth. Different companies in different circumstances, according to the overall slowdown there are different ways, the Giants put all the resources and energy are put on the good products, through the two-year platform advantage, from the giant's own characteristics, regardless of how the market changes, we are doing a good job of the fundamental products. Only boutique can accept the market test. Giant network of the journey is still our foundation, in March this year we proposed a non-paying million, the highest online number of 460,000 people, there are two ways for this giant, the first to open up, 09 launched to win in the Giants team, win in the Giants are not in investment acquisitions, but also welcome various agents and development, Our agency's first Korean game will be tested in the third quarter, and an agent's masterpiece is also in the localization stage. For invigorating, stimulate internal research and development personnel's passion, give the entrepreneurial team 49% equity ratio. Another is the company launched a two-channel research and development staff, which is a good solution to the technology of the sustainable development of cattle, our research and development personnel can get the treatment of Vice president, indicating our attention to research and development. Our research and development team in each map play tight grasp, hoping to become a general applause of the players a big bright spot, this is the foundation of the giant network of sustainable development. Thank you. (Edit Zhang Xing)
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