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Shanda Games listed, Zhang Charles's tour of the online city, Ding Lei's "Warcraft", nearly half a year, with the capital market warmer, the Chinese game industry vigorous noise constantly. What is Shi Yuzhu doing?  After the listing six months after the "retreat" of the media and the public, he is busy what?  In fact, about half a year after the listing, Shi Yuzhu found the company's "problem", and in the past more than a year, Shi Yuzhu is retreat dormant, painstaking resolve may affect the giant's continued growth or even made "hundred years old Shop" a series of problems.  Yes, yes, a century old shop, in an interview on October 12, he said several times about "if you want to become a century old shop" this thread.  If so, the giant network must enter an era of "going to the Shi Yuzhu". The reform of the project system: How to inspire the passion of the research and development team of the rich to Yeh? Write a promise, a promise?  After various methods exhausted, Shi Yuzhu launched the most thorough way: the property right reform, let the research and development team shares the project system the way, carries on two times the pioneering work. "21st century": The Chinese gaming industry has always had an unwritten curse, a field of a game success, in just a few years later it is difficult to replicate similar success.  What do you think it is? Shi Yuzhu: The success of the game, the most important or product is better, to good enough. A product success, the same team, the Second product is often unsuccessful, like we Do "giant", in fact, is the main planning to lead the team to do, and finally is not ideal.  So do many other peers.  How did this cycle form? The first success will be the burden of success for the second project, for the same team, the first success for subsequent success, there is no positive, are negative, in the process of the Second product, it is easy to take the first product said, copy the experience curve; second, the first product, the pressure is very high, Do every detail perfectly, as we do the first product "journey", in order to a very small function, the value of 1.1 or 1.2, can be a few days and nights do not sleep; But our team also went to the Giants, and on similar issues,  We choose 1.2 according to experience, do not discuss, so decided, and no one to doubt, also did not go to the argument, so, to do the second product, in detail, it is impossible to do the first detail so perfect, we did not jump out of this cycle. What about "21st century"?  Is there no solution?  Shi Yuzhu: Why everybody does not have the fervor, because the company is big, the individual has the money, the big company is sick, the pot situation can not avoid; The solution now is to put each of our developers in a small accounting unit, this small company is not safe, want to start a business, put all the projects, in addition to such as "journey" such operations more successful stay in the old group, each team set up an independent company, a project composed ofEstablish a company, to the Trade and Industry Bureau registered Independent Limited Liability company, the group investment 51%, all the research and development personnel must pay, into 49%, if the project succeeds, this 49% you can dividends, if you appear the second "journey", then you this company can continue to market.  If the loss, I 51% must be lost, and your 49% is gone, so then their pressure on the big, so that the interests of the link, independent entrepreneurial passion was mobilized. "21st century": this is quite thorough. How's it going?  Do you have any? Shi Yuzhu: Already set up seven. Nothing to do.  Game company success is actually very fast, everyone is thinking, I this company may also be able to make, also can be listed immediately, this kind of words all of a sudden the entrepreneurial passion problem solved, pot problem solved. Although these projects will inevitably have failed, but more than I manage the model to look, failed to lose less. July 1 begins to operate in accordance with the internal company model.  7 companies, I dare say there are a few, but there will be several projects good performance.  "21st Century": "Win in the Giants" is mainly aimed at some external potential projects? Shi Yuzhu: Right.  For the more optimistic project, we are technically, the program support him, in the equity we are still 51%, the entrepreneurial team is 49%, and then only by the group to represent you operation.  "To Shi Yuzhu" after the listing, Shi Yuzhu will day-to-day management and operation stripped to CEO Liu Wei, his own painstaking research and development, but recently will research and development business of some specific affairs, to the new promotion up the development of vice president of the tube, now Shi Yuzhu smiled, his voice in the giant, is not pass out.  21st Century: I hear you're only meeting with a research and development team? Shi Yuzhu: From the listing to now, the whole company in management, in addition to research and development, in fact, basically do not have my brand, they all know, when it comes to work, never report to me, the whole company operation is actually Liu Wei is doing.  You have to ask me where the more than 5 billion cash on our account is, I don't know, it's the management system running.  Day-to-day operations in fact I have already taken off, and now research and development, I also put some specific work out.  The research team was very dependent on me at first, but I hope our entire research and development will be less dependent on me.  "21st century": is not in some game ideas and ideas are also let the team do, not entirely your brand? Shi Yuzhu: We are about to launch the "Green Journey", it is relatively rare my brand, this is a radical change business model, pay attention to the new game of non paying players. The green journey changed the way it used to be free, like it doesn't sell materials, do not sell equipment, do not sell treasure box, drop items do not bind can be traded, to stop being killed by seconds, to prevent not breaking, no invincible players, materials and equipment will be through the dozen strange, copy access, the official no longer like the traditional free game as direct sale of equipment and materials, It's the player's output.And between the players to exchange, thus forming a large and active players trading market, players are the rules of the market, the price of goods by the players to set, the free online business model of the total change.  "Green Journey" is now in the test, I will open the GM number every day, in which to do customer service, players scold the voice is very small, sometimes I can not touch a player in that day scold, I saw a little business model of the dawn of exploration.  "21st century": But how does the ability of the entire research and development team improve? Shi Yuzhu: Our research and development team's fluidity is extremely low, said is the advantage actually is the shortcoming. We develop the backbone, can enter into my vision inside, about hundreds of people, from before I go public to now, one has not lost, our new research and development personnel, the proportion is too small, this is also one of our problems.  Our internal meetings, but also as a lesson, to introduce more people, especially the master planning, I have opened to tens of millions of annual salary, or no one to come.  In addition, the past two years, in the basic skills or do some work, the focus is on training, training focused on planning, I think we are the first planners, and many companies in Europe and America compared to the planning ability is our weakness.  "21st Century": you first from the specific operations, and then research and development, always to decentralization, you feel that you can finally go completely out how long? Shi Yuzhu: Estimate may be a year, at most two years can be done, I hope my role in the future is such a positioning, the day-to-day operation of the company, and I do not have any relationship, I am interested in what I do, I am interested in, I will develop one of the projects, such as the future may have 20,  30 items, I was one of the items, even my interest was there.  "21st century": Outside evaluation of your "with the team" in this respect, do a better job, no matter what time you start a business, whether the peak or trough cycle, the core team has been. Shi Yuzhu: I think this is two aspects, the first first you and the team of this psychological distance, to maintain distance, not too far, this how to do?  You see the landlord Laocai, why do not small, he always used to work as a servant, you do not respect him, as long as you respect him, you encounter difficulties when he will help you, so first of all you have to respect him. In addition to the usual words and deeds, once you have the benefit, the boss obtains the benefit, you must let them share, cannot pull too, do not do week Skinner, otherwise nobody is willing to follow you, I thought this aspect, we calculate qualified, this one listed, the billionaire has a batch. Second, you usually have to dare to let go, do not have any right to grasp, even a check to their own signature reimbursement, our company is not only more than 10 times, I have this habit, what things like to put to others to do, put to others do better than themselves, Liu Wei I have studied, there are many things, I put to Liu Wei do, And then I do it myself, and I find she does better than that because she's doing her a stressful, she didn't do a good job. There is a person who will gossip, I do not have this pressure.  "21st century": you seem to be more sensitive and resistant to airborne and professional managers? Shi Yuzhu: Right. If it is to engage in industrial, I think the airborne troops, I think the success rate will be very low. But financial investments, investment Bank, you do these things often I do not object to airborne, why? Because it's not your line, you don't have the talent.  Why do we have to be a native of the industry? A business he is not relying on a person, he is relying on the team, a business, in fact, the most valuable is the culture, the enterprise has done a good decision factor is the culture of the team, if the airborne troops come over, this culture is going to be a problem. "21st century": The outside world, the media, are summing up your success.  What do you personally think of it? Shi Yuzhu: I think the most important one is a period to do only one thing, for example, I now focus on this piece, the total time spent on the brain platinum will not be more than eight hours, the most I give them a lecture, the other I rarely to participate. Second, the time to do this, the strategy to clear, to be prudent, strategic thinking clearly, then the following is the details, the important details is to catch every day, I think basically is such a routine.  [Page] business model innovation if and Shi Yuzhu talk about the business model of online games, he'll look at you with "very, very" eyes-business model such business school words, is not suitable for Shi Yuzhu this kind of combat faction, but if talk about online games next to how to innovate, develop what new products, he will be gushing to stop. The upcoming "Green Journey" is the Shi Yuzhu's another attempt; more than that, Shi Yuzhu's bigger plan is to build a thorough "players decide to play" new game era.  He said that in the game, the player is the smartest, you never want to replace the player.  "21st century": Some people evaluation of China's many companies, from the "Trade and Industrial Technology" transition to "technology and trade", simply said, before the marketing and the market more attention, but now more rely on research and development. Shi Yuzhu: Other industries I do not know, IT industry is certainly so, it is relying on technological innovation to promote.  Giant network with Brain Platinum company positioning is not the same, the brain platinum of the company's research and development to complete the approval, the main is these two links, manufacturing and sales.  Online games is not the case, the first day we set up a network of special emphasis on this, we are using research and development to drive the economy, you see me in the internal meeting, never participate in marketing meetings, but I will open every day research and development of the meeting.  21st Century: But there is still a point of view that the giant's game can be quickly successful because of good marketing. Shi Yuzhu: This is the outside understanding, if you ask our internal staff, you have to talk, in private chat, to tell the truth no one will think the success of the journey depends on marketing. In fact, marketing, of course, we used to because of the relationship between the brain platinum, our marketing tools, all aspects should be more than the sameThe line must be advanced. But I have been saying a point of view over the past few years, saying that many people inside also believe me this sentence: A game product can finally do how many people at the same time online, and marketing is not a little relationship, only with the performance of the game has a relationship. The role of marketing, just shorten the game to promote the time.  If you this product, may absorb 500,000 people online, then, your marketing is very bad, may take 1.5 of time to achieve 500,000 people, if the marketing is good, three months will do.  "21st century": After the free mode, where is the innovation on the business model? Shi Yuzhu: Free mode Now everybody uses, our business model innovation's competitiveness is gone, therefore must continue to innovate.  This is listed after I considered the most.  Why would I consider that? A lot of free games, often run into players complaining inside, mainly the consumption of weak players in the inside complaining, beginning I think any game, the player scold is normal, I played a number of other companies in the back of some games, including now several listed companies in fact I basically have to see, basically is a regular  , each time the player scold. Then I was thinking about a question, can I make a game that lets the player not scold? In the past, the industry took the blame for granted.  I was in doubt, then I will discuss with you, there is no possibility to do a game that we do not scold. "Green Journey" We are now in the seal test technology testing, number 23rd into the seal.  I have not how to play, but I will open the GM number every day, on the inside to do customer service, basically this scold the voice is very small, sometimes I can't touch a player in that day scold, I saw a little dawn.  Back to explain, in fact, we are doing a new game at the same time, in fact, "journey" can continue to rise, but why did not rise, more than a year, basically stalled it?  In fact this I made a mistake, is this new game mode of groping, is in the old "journey" on the attempt, this attempt in the process of the game has hurt, so out of this problem.  In addition we have a project is also very innovative, but this project is three years later to come out.  "21st century": What kind of thing is that? Shi Yuzhu: We think that if the game is successful, it should be a more revolutionary innovation than free mode.  That pattern is really a model of the game as a community.  "21st century": will it be even tighter with 51 (the that the Giants had previously acquired)? Shi Yuzhu: Not yet at that stage, because we are still in research and development, this has been developed for one year, plans to develop three years. This is my responsibility.  Ideas can be roughly said. Our content model is actually a player to create the play, now all the game is the developer to create the play, and then the players go to playing, this is the same as the newspaper, the newspaper is the editorial department of the people there content, readers to see why the network is developing quickly, because each user in the creationContent, such as BBS, each user is the users of information, the future of the game will be a big breakthrough, must go to this road: players to create content, players to create the game, players to play, as a community to operate.  "21st century": The Giant is a platform, the equivalent of the player can write their own play it? Shi Yuzhu: is completely open platform. The equivalent of a player writing a script, writing a script, a game is generated, a city, a district is generated, in this is a big script, and then each of the inside there is a small player to do, each type of work is so, in this mode, strictly speaking you are not a game, you build a platform, each player in the development of the game,  This is what every player plays inside.  "21st century": feel this idea a bit like Chairman Mao said, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses of people, the masses fight the masses, a bit of that feeling. Shi Yuzhu: This explains, why the newspaper circulation does not have the network above a BBS quantity is big. The essence is in this place, this is the network charm, the game will also go in this direction, just see who comes to this step first. 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