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Cloud computing and large data are the new businesses that are spawned by the changes in the Internet industry, and for telecom operators, these two areas have a greater market space than the traditional basic telecommunications business, and the changes that they bring have had a significant impact on the development of telecommunications operators.

First of all, cloud computing technology has led to a huge change in customer demand, driving telecom operators to accelerate the transformation. Secondly, cloud computing technology is changing rapidly, accelerating the innovation operation and service mode of telecom operators. Again, the data becomes the important production factor, accelerates the letter operator to the big data conformity and the application.

China Unicom, one of the three major operators, have recognized the significant impact of cloud computing and large data development, and put forward a new strategic thinking and development planning, at the same time put into practice, focusing on the implementation of cloud computing and large data landing key links, hoping to become "service value-leading, operating level first-class" Cloud computing and a big data-leading provider.

Cloud computing and Big data change trigger strategic thinking

According to Giogang, general manager of China Unicom Cloud data Company, the development of cloud computing makes different customer groups have different demand hotspots on cloud business, and presents the common characteristics of information sharing, management centralization, investment integration, large data processing and disaster-tolerant backup. "It has become a hot spot for the government to build intelligent city with cloud computing and large data and other information technology, and to transform the enterprise IT system and transform the traditional industry into the cloud computing and the big data, which has become the hot spot of the attention of the individual consumers." ”

At the same time, Giogang pointed out that under the traditional mode, the telecom operators only occupy a dominant position in the network service, and occupy a place in the ICT service, but they do not occupy the core advantage and the dominant position in the whole cloud ecosystem, and the benefits are in the lower level of the industrial chain. Telecom operators are providing traditional CT services from their own IDC and network advantages, transforming the cloud services to provide CT and it, and cooperating with software, hardware vendors and app developers through an open platform to actively reconstruct the cloud ecological environment and achieve a total win.

Based on this, Giogang said that China Unicom proposed the following aspects of cloud computing development Strategy thinking:

First, accelerate business and service transformation upgrades. To give full play to the advantages of China Unicom Telecom Basic Service and industry application, to face the demand of public information communication, to build open public service platform: for Intelligent city and Enterprise informatization demand, to build intelligent application platform, to realize the breakthrough of cloud computing products in CT and it fusion business;

Second, promote the development of mobile Internet. China Unicom to play a 3G network, the Internet and the advantages of a huge user base, with open cloud computing platform as the push hand, to create a cooperative and win the mobile Internet ecological environment, to provide users with richer, more intelligent, more personalized service;

Again, promote it transformation. With cloud computing architecture to promote enterprise Information system transformation, centralized resource capacity and it application, promote IT system from passive information support to active information service transformation;

Finally, data consolidation is concentrated. The use of cloud computing technology to build strong performance, scalability, flexible framework of data integration platform, supporting the centralized processing of large data and improve efficiency.

Take advantage to build business model and platform architecture

Based on the above strategic thinking, China Unicom is actively engaged in cloud computing and large data development, and relies on its own network, infrastructure, service advantages, to build a new business model and platform architecture.

According to Giogang, Unicom has a high-speed 3G network, WCDMA network technology most advanced, the system is most mature, the industry chain is the richest, the peak speed of the network up to 21M; with rich broadband access resources, Unicom actively build "hundred trillion optical fiber door, high-speed network wide coverage, WiFi hot spots everywhere" broadband advantage Unicom has a large capacity of the Internet, the domestic leading, high-capacity IP backbone Network and IDC export broadband.

In addition, Giogang pointed out that unicom in the country is planning to build Langfang, Hohhot, Harbin, Zhengzhou, Wuxi, Chongqing, Dongguan, Nanning, Xi ' An and other 9 major cloud computing data center base, to form a radiation nationwide, scale distribution, virtual storage, flexible scheduling, security protection, green energy-saving functions, and between the high-speed, Large capacity, excellent performance of the next generation of network to achieve interconnection.

At the same time, Giogang said, China Unicom also has a large number of user groups, natural user identification, a sound fee model, a full range of user data, a wealth of contact with the track, good social cognition, good industry reputation.

Based on its own advantages, China Unicom in the cloud computing business model will focus on IAAS, PAAs layer products. According to Giogang, Unicom for the 3G and broadband and other public customers, the construction of public services cloud, enterprise-government customers, software service providers, building a dedicated service cloud and capacity development cloud; Work with software and content applications to build a business-open cloud at the SaaS level, and to form service group customers and public customers, The full range of cloud computing services that support internal business.

In addition, Giogang pointed out that cloud China Unicom cloud computing business platform using a unified architecture, to achieve "hardware unity, platform unity, management unity, data Unity", covering business management platform, Cloud management platform, cloud service engine, middleware platform, data platform, resource pool and so on.

Follow the development path innovation four aspects practice

Everything is only due to the East wind, based on the development strategy, business model and business platform, China Unicom has deployed the cloud computing development path, and under the guidance of the development path, has carried out four newest practices of cloud computing, including Intelligent City, VDC Enterprise Cloud service, Yue Yun Business, large data platform construction.

According to Giogang, China Unicom Cloud Computing Development path is: First, the deployment of a unified, green cloud computing infrastructure pool, and secondly, the provision of convenient, safe, affordable cloud computing services products, and again, the construction of flexible, customized application of various proprietary cloud services; Building a social-oriented cloud computing application incubation platform.

Following the development path, China Unicom has carried out intelligent city construction. Giogang said that it is based on the new generation of information technology such as mobile internet, cloud computing, Internet of things and so on, based on the basic infrastructure such as broadband pan-Network and data center, and with the innovation of knowledge society and intelligent integration application as the main content of the advanced form of urban development. Under the strategic guidance of ' building, pooling and opening ', China Unicom has signed a partnership with more than 150 city governments in 26 provinces to build smarter cities. ”

In addition, China Unicom has also developed a VDC Enterprise cloud services. According to Giogang, its platform is based on IDC integrated virtualization, automatic deployment, such as cloud computing technology, build scalable, virtualized foundation computing, storage resource platform, the use of centralized management, distribution service model, to provide users with cloud host, cloud storage, proprietary clouds, such as IaaS cloud products. "With the help of the group customer channel, the project drive as the core, the proprietary cloud has become the important carrier of the VDC service, a group of big customers begin to move the business platform to Unicom's VDC platform and obtain good commercial effect." ”

At the same time, China Unicom has also developed its own "Yue Yun" Service for individual users. Giogang said through the mobile Internet and broadband Internet to provide across the terminal cloud storage and application services, "Yue Yun" provides the address book, calendar, notes, files, albums, videos, music and other documents synchronization, backup and sharing functions, with high-speed, mass, security, credibility and so on.

In addition, Giogang stressed that China Unicom is actively carrying out large-scale data on the relevant technical testing and application of the pilot, and launched a large data platform construction. "Large data platform is a combination of centralized, first-tier, distributed storage and relational database, using open source operating system, open source software, open architecture, data analysis, integration and application." At present, five major achievements have been achieved. ”

Focus on landing key links to achieve the ultimate goal

In promoting cloud computing and the implementation of large data landing, Giogang pointed out that China Unicom also analyzed the cloud computing and the implementation of large data landing several key links, hoping to work with the industry to explore.

According to Giogang, these key links include: first, we should explore and establish a cloud service value chain and ecological environment which is conducive to the development of cloud computing industry, readjust the distribution of benefit, and realize the profit-win. Second, based on independent research and Development, the formation of a core technology with intellectual property, including SDN, data center, green energy saving, virtualization Distributed computing, cloud computing and so on; third, study the strategy of migrating traditional IT architectures to cloud-based it architectures and service patterns; How to standardize security and privacy protection in large data applications

Giogang stressed that only by focusing on the above several key points, China Unicom can better promote cloud computing and large data landing implementation, in order to achieve the "service value of the leading, operating first-class" cloud computing and large data leading service provider goals.

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