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GlassFish 3.1.1 This version supports Java 7 and AIX, and upgrades many components to "> The latest version such as: Eclipselink, Jersey, Weld, Metro, Mojarra, OPENMQ, Grizzly, etc.

GlassFish is a reference implementation of the Java EE Application Server oracle-sponsored. It has very good production quality and has good performance.

GlassFish is a robust, commercially compatible application server that achieves product-level quality and is free for development, deployment, and redistribution. Lassfish is the name of an open source development project for building Java EE 5 application servers. It is based on the source code of Sun Java System creator Server PE 9 provided by Sun Microsystems and the TopLink Persistence code for Oracle contributions.

The project provides a structured process for developing high-quality application servers to deliver new functionality at an unprecedented rate. This is a response to Java developers who want to be able to get the source code and contribute to the development of Sun's next-generation application server (based on GlassFish). The project aims to promote communication between Sun and Oracle engineers and communities, which will enable all developers to participate in the development of the application server.

With this product, organizations can create and deploy Web applications with lightweight Java EE 6 Web profiles and easily build enterprise applications with the power of the full Java EE 6 platform. In addition, developers benefit from Java EE 6, which simplifies the programming model and improves productivity. This enables the flexibility of the platform, which reduces costs and complexity by applying only what is needed to solve business problems. Because GlassFish 3.0.1 uses the OSGi based microkernel architecture, developers can start with the Java EE 6 Web configuration file and dynamically upgrade to the full Java EE 6 platform using the Update center!

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