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Although the global cloud computing industry in the initial stage of development, the market is small, but will guide the traditional ICT industry to social services transformation, the future development space is very broad. 2011 Global Cloud computing services around 90 billion U.S. dollars, the United States cloud services market size of about 60%, far higher than in Europe (24.7%) and Japan (10%) and other countries and regions. The total size of the cloud services market currently accounts for only 1/40 of the global ICT market, but it is growing fast, with an annual growth rate expected to exceed 20% per cent over the next few years. The Global Cloud computing services market in 2012 is expected to reach 107.2 billion U.S. dollars, 2015 will reach 176.8 billion U.S. dollars 2, development space is very broad.

The major international IT companies will cloud computing as the company's main strategic direction in the future, cloud computing related cooperation and mergers are very active. In recent years, large it enterprises have developed strategies for cloud computing and adjusted internal organizations to adapt to the future direction of development. As early as 2008, major international IT companies, including Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and EMC, set up specialized departments to drive cloud computing technology and market progress, and to publish cloud computing strategies. In recent years, IT giants in the field of cloud computing has been particularly frequent mergers and acquisitions, hoping to make up its product short board, improve its cloud solutions and cloud services capabilities, such as IBM acquisition platform, Dell acquisition Force10, Microsoft Acquisition Opalis,verizon acquisition Terremark. On the other hand, enterprises in various vertical areas are also seeking to form new industrial groups by means of alliances or cooperation. To achieve complementarity, such as by Cisco, EMC, the core of the "VCE Alliance", by the French power, Cisco, EMC, the core of the "Flexible 4 Business alliance" and so on.

Some of the international cloud services companies have formed the ability to provide large-scale global cloud computing services, and dominate the technology development direction of cloud computing. Google's PAAs service, the Google Apps engine (Google app Engine), has more than 10 million users, as well as 4 million corporate users of the online Office suite "Google Apps", and Amazon's cloud service (AWS) has been launched in more than 190 countries and regions, With 40多万个 business customers, including the New York Times, the Nasdaq stock Exchange, and the new cloud services Enterprise Salesforce worldwide, the number of paid subscribers has exceeded 100,000, and the share of the global CRM market has increased from 8% in 2006 to the 46%;D in 2011 Ropbox In recent years, emerging providers in cloud computing have grown rapidly over the past 30% annual growth. Cloud computing manufacturing areas of software core technology, such as distributed architecture, virtual resource management, mainly by Google, Amazon and other enterprises, they also through the HADOOP3 and other cloud computing open source projects affect the development direction of cloud computing technology.

Traditional IT giants leverage technology to quickly dominate the private cloud market and leverage cloud computing concepts to sell their products and solutions around the world. On the one hand, international it giants to reorganize existing products and services, quickly provide cloud computing solutions, such as IBM's "Blue Cloud" platform for the integration of its Tivoli management software, WebSphere application server, DB2 database and other products, and invest a lot of money for cloud computing research and development.

The data center is an important infrastructure that hosts cloud computing services and is one of the keys to the development of cloud computing. The development of cloud computing has driven the development of the Global data center and the pace of resource integration is accelerating, in the past two years, the Global Data center hardware investment scale increased by more than 10%, and showed an accelerated growth trend, large-scale, high-density, green, modular become the new development direction of data center.

Current development of cloud computing industry in China

Our country cloud computing Service market is in the initial stage, cloud computing technology and equipment already has certain development foundation. China's cloud computing services market overall size is small, but the catch-up momentum is obvious. According to Gartner, China accounted for less than 3% of the world's 90 billion-dollar cloud computing services market in 2011, but its annual growth rate reached 40% per cent, and it is expected that the gap between China and foreign cloud computing will gradually shrink in the future.

Large-scale Internet enterprise is the main cloud computing service provider in China, the business form is Iaas+paas form of open platform service, in which the IaaS service is relatively mature and the PaaS service is the first prototype. China's large Internet enterprises have developed a cloud host, cloud storage, open database and other basic IT resources services, as well as Web site cloud, game cloud, such as one-stop hosting services. Some internet companies have launched the PAAs cloud platform and opened it up to businesses and developers, and several of the companies ' PAAs platforms have attracted hundreds of thousands of of developers to join the game and have achieved a total win by sharing with developers.

ICT manufacturers have considerable strength in the technology development of cloud computing dedicated servers, storage devices, and corporate private cloud solutions. Among them, the domestic enterprise research and development of cloud computing server products already have a certain competitiveness, in the domestic large Internet company's new server procurement, domestic brand share accounted for more than 50%, and is gradually entering the international market The private cloud solutions of domestic equipment manufacturers already have the level of management of thousands of physical machines and millions of virtual machines.

Software vendors are increasingly turning to cloud computing, offering SaaS services and extending to PAAs domains. Domestic SaaS software vendors for small and medium-sized enterprises, more business forms of enterprise CRM services. The number of subscribers to the leading domestic SaaS software vendors has passed through million.

Telecom operators rely on the advantages of network and data center, mainly through IaaS services into the cloud computing market. China Telecom in August 2011 released the Sky Wing cloud computing strategy, brand and solutions, 2012 will provide cloud host, cloud storage and other IaaS services, the future will also provide a cloud of e-commerce navigation, such as SaaS Services and open PAAs service platform. China Mobile since 2007 began to build big Cloud platform, November 2011 released the Big Cloud 1.5 version, mobile mm and other services will be migrated to the big cloud platform in the future. China Unicom has developed its own "Vaux Yun" of cloud computing services for individuals, businesses and government users. At present, "Vaux Yun" business mainly focuses on storage services, realizes the collaborative function of user information and files on multiple devices, and the centralized storage and safe keeping of files and data.

IDC Enterprises rely on their own room and data center, IaaS as a cloud service entry point, has been able to provide flexible computing, storage and network resources such as IaaS services. A handful of IDC companies are also expanding to provide PAAs and SaaS services, such as application engines, cloud mailboxes, based on their traditional business.

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