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Tencent Digital Message (solo) with the smart phone's increasingly powerful configuration, mobile network environment, coupled with the emergence of Third-party software, mobile phones have become an essential tool for people's daily life. Now mobile phone photography has become a mainstream, after taking photos to share a variety of social platforms, or to friends, are very convenient. The rich filter settings in mobile phone camera software, and the simple and fast post-processing, have allowed mobile phone photos to take the place of a card camera. Today we are going to bring a mobile phone software God clapped the latest version experience, this is by the Wanxing software launch, not only experienced the name of the change, from Powercam to the present God clapping, but also to the interface design has been redesigned, the function has also been optimized. New interface Design new version of the God clapping in the interface to subvert the previous design, using a flat design style, the main function in the form of a magnetic paste in the main interface, where you can see the photo, photo album entrance, panoramic photo, decolorization photography, depth photography, puzzle and editing functions, there is a "stay tuned", Do not know is not the mysterious function of the entrance? In the lower left corner of the main interface, the product introduction, settings, and dynamic entry are arranged in turn. In the new version, God clapped the camera interface is also redesigned, at the top of the interface to add a scrolling tool bar, respectively, the main interface of the portal, Flash, front and rear camera conversion, self-portrait mode, and so on, and filters are placed on the right side of the camera shutter. The filter of God's hands is always rich, and the trouble is that when you choose a filter, you have a haidilaozhen feeling. In the new version, the Haidilaozhen problem no longer exists, instead of adding filter groups, divided into common filters and all filters two groups, users can tick their favorite filters, so that users say good-bye to Haidilaozhen, convenient to find a favorite photo filter. Late template rich support puzzle if you think that when you choose to take pictures of filter trouble, it can be photographed after the photo to beautify. God clapping the image post-processing function is also very strong, support HDR mode, but also can adjust white balance, decolorization, special effects and other tools, the choice is very rich. In addition, the God clap also supports the puzzle function, has many templates to choose. More human functions The new version of God's clapping will focus and metering separately, users can be different areas for metering and focusing, so that users can be in poor lighting conditions can also take good photos. In addition, God clap for the people who like to self-portrait, launched a touch-screen delayed camera function, in the self-portraits mode, only to be on the screen in any position for a few seconds, you can complete self-portraits. In addition, God clap also launched the image-stabilization camera function, convenient movement of the video recording. Google Play Links
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