Gold or bayonet? Analysis of Big Data Security

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Big data hot in the IT industry may seem like immeasurable gold, but if it's not escorted by data security, it's more like a bayonet, hanging over your head and hitting the point!

After several years of speculation, criticism and questioning, big data finally came to its own time. By 2009, the term "big data" began to receive the attention of the information technology industry.

The principle of big data is very simple. Anyone who has studied statistics knows that in statistics, the more samples are chosen, the closer the statistical result is to the real result. Massive data flooding the world, if you can "purify" them and quickly generate useful information, is tantamount to mastering a key to open another world.

More and more governments and enterprises are gradually realizing that this gold mine hidden in the data mountain ranges is becoming the core competitiveness of various agencies. At present, almost all world-class Internet companies, regardless of the social platform dispute or electricity supplier price war, have the shadow of big data.

Taobao point "number" into gold

Taobao's huge success is based on big data: In the process of becoming an open platform and service provider, facing the world's open data and creating a new profit model, Taobao has changed the mode of operation of e-commerce by using big data and made full use of its own platform These massive data build a big data kingdom.

Through the storage, operation, management and analysis of these data, Taobao can provide at least three types of data and information with great commercial value in addition to optimizing its own interface, service, management and products. The first category is for consumers to facilitate their shopping and spending data information, including various types of goods and store information, promotional information, etc .; the second category is for shops and sellers can effectively enhance the effectiveness of their store management and merchandise sales data Information, including consumer behavior, Internet use behavior, media contact and use behavior, market development and industry competition data and information, etc .; the third category is to provide social and third-party agencies to help them understand the e-commerce business and Taobao related Of the data set information, including sales data, purchase data, transaction data, consumer behavior data.

Prism door data "bayonet"

Snowden, who became the most famous American in the world except Obama, broke the NSA's global information and personal privacy eavesdropping scandal. Maybe we all think this is just monitoring of information, No substantive effect. However, according to military expert Zhang Shaozhong, "the loss of a Snowden in the United States is equivalent to the loss of 10 armored divisions." If the data held by him is used by other countries, it will pose a serious threat to the security of the United States and the data can be a real "weapon."

Some people may say that information security has no effect on the individual, it is not true, personal privacy is a kind of data, once leaked will give individuals a lot of trouble, such as Taobao search for "home decoration materials," Taobao will be able to The pages you see provide some advertisements of home furnishing materials. These advertisements can provide the author with a better choice, and at the same time, can drive the transactions of the relevant businesses. If the information is owned by some decoration companies, then the author's phone, the computer will appear do not know how much harassing phone calls and marketing advertising, it can be said that the impact of the data on individuals is also very far-reaching.

Conclusion: If we are heads of state or entrepreneurs with trillions of dollars in value, big data offers us many conveniences and access to better services, but once that information is obtained by those who "have an ambition," then our Is not it also invisible on the head of a "bayonet" hanging personal data, and we do not know when it will hurt us.

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