Golden Week Inventory: 7 days 100,000 visitors to the World Expo Haier Hall

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11 Golden Week, Qingdao World Horticultural Exposition again lift passenger Flow peak, one of the four major theme pavilions, the only science and technology museum Haier Pavilion, is by virtue of the fascinating wisdom of home appliances feast become a popular visitor, according to statistics, the Golden Week seven days Haier museum into the number of nearly 100,000 people, as at October 7 The total reception of the Haier Pavilion has reached 1283786 visitors. It is understood that different from the traditional science and technology pavilions, in order to meet the World Park will "let life into nature" theme, Haier Pavilion has set up a number of new and interesting theme life scenes, will be smart home appliances into which, presented a comfortable, convenient wisdom home. Have a lot of High-tech smart home so that tourists seem to travel to the future, advanced experience in the future of food, air, water and other life elements of a one-stop intelligent life solutions. Reporter scene, in the wisdom of the kitchen area, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, wine cabinets and other household appliances placed in order, to everyone to restore a real kitchen scene, Haier Pavilion's 1.2 millionth tourist, from Weihai's granddaughter is carrying two baby in the experience of these appliances bring convenience services, Smartwindow refrigerators can record food information, expired will be reminded to the user; The baking dove oven can achieve one-click baking; washing dishes according to the greasy degree of recipes to the tableware for intelligent cleaning, wine cabinets can automatically recommend the appropriate temperature of red wine. These advanced smart home appliances, as if a small housekeeper, easy to solve the kitchen a lot of problems, let Mrs. Sun praise: "Before also had no contact with smart appliances, did not think these appliances than I think are thoughtful." Haier staff also told her that these appliances can also be "joint operations", refrigerator according to the food recommended recipes, but also to the oven, wine cabinets, dishwasher, so that they work to make a meal, "This I more worry, do not have to do for the children to do a nutritious meal, too to the force!" "Ms. Sun told reporters. In the comfort air zone, the air conditioning and air box with a round wind tunnel has also teamed up with a "air war", a small air box automatically detects air quality, and will detect the information through the mobile phone to inform users, if the air quality exceeds the standard, The system will immediately remove the PM2.5 instructions to the day bottle air-conditioning, accompanied by the day of the indicator of the air conditioner turned green, this battle is not finished. Zhang, from Tianjin, said: "Every day to see the news that PM2.5 is harmful to the body, but we do not see the naked eye, this system does not worry about us can guarantee the air quality, too good!" "In addition, the side of the laundry clean water, to ensure that the washing machine health clean water washing machines; automatically carbon monoxide for carbon dioxide gas water heaters," Heat with people moving "the wisdom of the heating system, and so on, different kinds of intelligent appliances to each other, together presented a wise life" gluttonous feast " And can be printed on the spot print 3D, as long as standing in front of the mirror can recommend wearing "Magic mirror" and other cool technology elements also let the visitors surprise, accumulated a lot of popularity. It is understood that during the 11 period, Haier Pavilion also special to 1th, 65, 101, 1001 Passengers prepared a beautiful gift for the motherland, the warm heart of the service also left a deep impression on visitors. In fact, since the opening of the April 25, Haier Pavilion with fashionable and innovative technology experience and comprehensive system of intelligent services, to the visitors left a different wisdom experience, from the opening 10 days 30,000 to now about to break 1.3 million, more and more people in the Haier Pavilion to find solutions to life problems, although the World Park will soon end, But the intelligent program that the Haier Pavilion displays will also bring people convenient and comfortable life as always.
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