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Yesterday (January 16), Gome online and maternal and infant supplies enterprise Kiss Baby Cooperative Maternal and infant channel officially online. It is understood that Gome online planning early investment in the 1 billion-yuan layout of the mother and child market, to 2013 among the mother and infant market before the three.

Gome Online spokesman Pengliang, in an interview with the Daily economic news, said that, in addition to valuing the good development momentum of the mother and child business market, Gome in the future would like to focus on the mother and infant industry, culture and arts and other new categories of expansion, further expand the influence. In addition, Gome has recently been exposed to the acquisition of the full Peak Express 30% of the shares, but the reporter interviewed Gome online spokesman Pengliang, it said it did not know.

In this regard, electric business expert Ruzenwang said that Gome's series of actions marked its full force in the electric business, the United States to use the mother-child market as a breakthrough point to expand the electricity business.

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Gome online and maternal and infant market vertical electric dealer kiss Baby deep cooperation, its mother and child channel was officially online yesterday. Gome Online chairman Guixian has said that the first half of the year, the United States and the total number of maternal and child items will reach 50,000.

Pengliang, the Gome online spokesman, said in an interview with the Daily economic news reporter The reason why to enter the mother-infant market, is originated from Gome's current establishment of the integrated development strategy, "Our supply chain advantage, fast and safe logistics system, low price of the normal price system, line online under nearly 80 million share members and other advantages, For the market to provide maternal and child products and services.

At present, the number of newborns per year in China is 16 million ~1800 million. According to the data show that China's mother and infant products 2012 years of online shopping market scale has reached 61 billion yuan, compared to the 2011 32.8 billion yuan, increased by 86%, its growth rate far exceed Gome's main 3C products.

Pengliang said that the future of China's mother and infant market will soon usher in the development of the "golden Period", and maternal and infant supplies a wide range, the purchase frequency is high, can expand the adult female network to buy the range of people, and its purchase behavior can also extend to clothing bags, beauty makeup and other categories

Mo Dai, director of the network retailing Department of China Electronic Commerce Research Center, also told reporters, "Now 80, the mother of more than one, they are just the main group of net shopping, there are joint effect in the inside, so gome cut into this market better do." ”

Electric dealer giants Qi exerting force

In the United States on the online layout of the mother and child products, the days of Cats, Beijing and east have been through the new and acquired the way to improve their mother and infant category camp. And Suning also early in September 2012 to buy 60 million U.S. dollars for vertical type of mother and child electric Shanghong children Company, the opportunity to expand maternal and infant supplies, cosmetics business.

Data show that the first half of this year, China's mother and child network shopping market size of 7.69 billion yuan, Cat mall to 47% of the market share occupy the first, Jingdong Mall to 11.4% of the market share ranked second. The first three mothers and children market in 2012 were the days of cats, Jingdong and red.

Mo Dai Green think, at present compared to Gome, suning in the mother and infant market above. "The red child is doing better in the whole of the mother-child market than the baby."

But Gome's appetite does not seem to be the only way. Pengliang said, in addition to the above two reasons, Gome online future also hopes to focus on maternal and infant industries, culture and arts, such as the expansion of new categories, further expand influence. This reflects the 2013 Gome's determination to exert its force online.

In the last month, the integration of Gome's online mall and Bowser network of two major electric platform, Gome and quickly threw out the next three years strategic planning. Gome President Wang Junzhou also said that the completed integration of Gome online will become Gome's next major platform for business, in 2013, Gome will actively seek to profit in E-commerce possibilities.

After the strategy is determined, Gome's online refining of its distribution system is also strengthening. Recently, there is news that Gome will invest 300 million yuan to buy the full peak Express 30% of the shares, the initial contribution of 100 million yuan, the rest of the funds phased in place. But Pengliang said he did not know about it. In this regard, Mo Dai believes that the United States to strengthen the line of supply and logistics, is the future development of its electrical business trend.

Public information shows that the full Peak Express Group was established in November 18, 2010, is a major international and domestic courier and related business services-oriented enterprises, based in north China, east China, South China three large LAN. At present, the total Peak express general business pieces accounted for 80%, online shopping Express accounted for 20%.

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