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December 3 News, billion power network learned that the Gome Electric group has made a decision, the Gome online and Bowser network two of its electric companies merged, the new company named "Gome online."

Two companies merged, or will be the form of business Accounting, its personnel, operations, technology, warehousing and logistics will be merged into the new company. At the same time, Gome Group has identified the new company's goal: 2013 years to achieve annual profit, among the top three of the open platform.

There are close to the Gome Electric Power Network exclusive disclosure, in the new company, Bowser Network will focus on the open platform business, independent recruitment brand, distributors, offline channels, etc. Gome's online Gome on-line mall has already launched the open platform business, then merged into the Bowser network. Gome Electric Online Mall owners do Gome's proprietary business, the company will be the line of Gome line of business. The future will also be independent of the identity of the public, stationed in Bowser network open platform. In addition, Gome interior has been clear, Gome online will soon check in the cat.

The source also pointed out that the merged Gome online, its business module mainly by the Gome online, Bowser Network, directory Division, group purchase and major customer division, OEM division, such as the five major division, which or will be all using independent accounting system.

In terms of personnel, the new Gome online president will be the original Gome online President Handepeng, Bowser net former president Dingdonghua as Gome Online deputy general manager, and also Bowser network general manager, Bowser marketing vice President Pengliang will serve as the new Gome Online marketing department general manager. In addition, group purchase and large account general manager Yukuba Net original procurement director Wang as, and OEM Business Department general manager to Bowser Net original vice President Huangxiangping.

It is noteworthy that, in addition to the two major electric business departments, Gome Online also set up an OEM division. According to people familiar with the matter, the division is quite low-key, the predecessor of Gome's Gome Heng Shun Trading Company, previously mainly operating gome electrical appliances oem Two major appliances brand Sanyo electric and Electrolux. In the new plan, Gome hengxin incarnation gome Online OEM Division, is responsible for Sanyo, Electrolux and other OEM brand of the whole network marketing, as well as the major electric business open platform to work.

Gome Group This change is not without warning, in May this year, after the comprehensive acquisition of Bowser net, about Gome electric business Integration Bowser network speculation has never been interrupted.

According to billion power network to understand that this August, Bowser network has been completed with the Gome supply chain, logistics system docking; Subsequently, Gome Online Mall in November low-key start open platform business. And in order to get rid of the "electrical" shackles, gome online shopping mall in the recent name of "Gome on-line."

However, the electric business all the way not to make gome out of the predicament. Its earnings showed that Gome has lost 687 million in the first three quarters, although the third-quarter losses narrowed, but the electricity business still failed to "stop bleeding." To this end, people familiar with the situation to the billion power network, Gome Group on the merger of the Gome Online has been clear two operational objectives: first, in 2013 years to achieve annual profit, the entire electricity business to become the most profitable electric business company, the second is to be among the first three of the open platform.

Clearly, the 2012 fiscal year is coming to an end, Gome is trying to rebuild the online business, reversing the loss of Gome's entire group of pressure, thereby boosting the stock market, catching up with the wave of electricity. Under the company under the market of Gome Electric line, this not only determines the success of its online business, will also become Gome Group market competition in the last opportunity, called "Life and Death bureau."

However, analysts pointed out that Gome's management of its electric business is expected to be ambitious and rational, but more is forced bite.

From the current competitive landscape of domestic electric business platform, Gome is still in the second or even the third echelon. Whether it is the cat, Jing Dong, or the old rival Suning, have been deeply open platform operation, all kinds of resources competition more brutal. And with the end of the era of electricity quotient demographic dividend, want to regain the market share of online retailing, must make the determination of "ego revolution".

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