Gome's online layoffs: the talent bottleneck of the platform electric Business

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Newspaper reporter Lang's report in Guangzhou

The integration of E-commerce industry adjustment is still continuing, and the resulting electric business giant internal personnel adjustment can not be avoided, after suning mergers and acquisitions of red child part of the staff, announced last December, the integration of Gome online under the two major electric power company's layoffs are also in progress.

At the end of last week, there was news that Gome's consumer-electronics platform, Gome, had suddenly started internal layoffs online, the affected departments including the sales center, Technology Center, Customer Service Center, Logistics Center and the financial Center and other departments of 300 employees, on the matter of layoffs, Gome online Vice president, spokesman Pengliang January 28 to be recognized, " Gome online and Bowser integration is smooth, the two platforms in the integration of the situation exists, so there is room for optimization. ”

The reporter learned that gome online in May 2011 after the rapid development of the number of employees to 2200 people, and Bowser network although the second half of last year has been optimized, the number of employees from the highest peak of nearly 2000 people to the current 1200 people, but the two major electric dealers before the office location, As well as the various business units to set up overlapping parts, so its start integration in order to reduce the cost of the department must cut the overlap of personnel.

It is reported that in order to reduce cost integration of Gome online and Bowser network headquarters staff will be relocated to the Peng Run building Gome headquarters office, and change in the past leasing properties separate office, this is one of the reasons for the staff adjustment.

It is noteworthy that, with the 2012 sales scale of 60 billion yuan and 18.3 billion Yuan Jingdong Mall and Suning and other competitors compared to the United States, Gome online 2012-year revenue is expected to only about 5 billion yuan, but in the absence of its own logistics personnel in the case of its staff number is nearly 3500 people, and Suning easy to buy and the number of its own logistics staff is only 5000 people, it is clear that gome online needs to control the cost through personnel optimization.

In addition, in the adjustment program last December, Bowser network will be turned into electric business platform, which needs to supplement a large number of electric business platform business professionals, and the original Bowser staff, in addition to the partial transfer to Gome online enrichment of independent business talent, part of the natural will be eliminated.

But it is rumored that Gome will continue to lay off staff in March 2013, Pengliang denied, he told the newspaper reporter, "2013 is gome online rapid development of the year, with the further development of Gome online integration strategy, Gome business will also be more new areas of rapid expansion, and in the medical industry, Culture and arts, home textiles and maternal and child education in the field of leading position, for this year will also be large-scale recruitment, and for the 2013 campus recruitment talent will also be in July to the post. ”

It is clear that the Gome online layoffs are not the result of business contraction, but in order to adjust the business, especially the electricity business platform business to do a good job of adjustment, according to Gome Online earlier announced plans, Gome expects the electricity channel will occupy the group business 20%-30% of the sales, years and plans to achieve profitability by the end of 2013. At the same time, we should strive to achieve by 2014 the group E-commerce accounted for China's net market size of 15% target.

However, to achieve this goal, for the electricity industry late Gome online is not easy, not only the cat, Beijing-east and the size of the advantage has been formed, and Tencent, such as the size of the company also surpassed the Gome online, and Gome online to the cat alone in the situation to do a good job in the electric platform is very difficult, Its ranking of 2000 in the Alexa traffic rankings also limits its ability to attract platform suppliers.

There are electric business analyst January 28 told our correspondent, "for Gome online to develop the biggest bottleneck is not money, nor procurement costs, but talent, before its electrical business team is mainly from the physical stores, is a layman in the electrical business, Gome online to become the first echelon of the electrical business obviously need more professional electrical business talent to join. ”

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