Grain companies raise their purchase price 7% cents in January to highlight the industrial divide

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Welcome to the "Economic Information Network", the next focus on food prices, the recent period of time, under the influence of various national strong measures, has been crazy rising prices of various agricultural products began to fall markedly. But our reporter in recent days in the interview but learned that in China's main corn-producing areas in Jilin Province, but there has been a high purchase price of corn, selling grain Army queue for several kilometers overnight scene. Why do companies pay high prices for food?  Take a look at the scene first. A catty of three or four points to sell food convoy out of three kilometers this is the reporter a few days ago in Changchun West Huan Cheng Lu, a corn deep-processing enterprises at the gate of the picture: large and small food vehicles in the swirling snow stretches out two or three kilometers, most drivers stay in the car heating, a few in front of the drivers are gathered together, Find out what grades other food sellers can test.  They told reporters that the most former food-selling cars arrived almost in the morning and they had been waiting for at least 15 hours. Grain Broker: "It's noon," (Wait a day, yes) that's not the line. "Grain Broker Zhaoford:" (how long is the estimate?) So, I have to go to bed. "Grain Broker:" (This is how you catch up with it). "It is understood that these overnight queues of food vehicles installed are corn, more than 40,000 kilograms, a small number of 10,005, 6." They are mainly from Nongan, gongzhuling and Elm in Jilin Province, as well as some buyers from other provinces from afar.  The only reason to attract them to travel long distances, even at night, is that the prices here are quite substantial. Grain broker Zhaoford: "We who collect who earn money, eight cents (sell this can sell how much money) can sell to eight cents four or five (why sell to big company?" Da Cheng Co., Ltd. This is the most expensive place. "Grain Broker:" Big Cheng and small, how to say it, it's high, low he can not accept Ah, can be high is one or two cents, (this for you can sell more than a car food) a car food to sell a Sanba. "Grain Broker:" (You Came from Heilongjiang) Yes! (why come here to sell food) OK, this price seems to be higher than a little bit like. "Since every car has to be tested first and the grade is acquired, the food-selling convoy is moving very slowly, and many grain sellers are expected to pay at least until noon the following day."  But it also brought business opportunities to some small vendors around the neighborhood, who told reporters that the queues were there last year, but this year seems more serious. Small trader: "(when to sell) for a day, (how to think of this sold) how to think of this food delivery of food in the middle of the night, eat a little warm." (How many teams are in line tonight) tonight, there are three hundred or four hundred, (see more) these days. "Grain enterprises to increase the purchase price of one months rose 7% just now we see, attracted a lot of food sellers to rob the sale of food, and the acquisition of the largest corn deep-processing enterprises in Asia, Changchun Big Cheng Group, then the big group in the end what kind of price? In all aspects of efforts to stabilize the price of the gateway, the high price of food and regulation run counter to it?  Then came the reporter's report.  In Changchun Big Cheng group doorway, the reporter sees a conspicuous position to attach a paper notice, it is written, from November 18 onwards, the national standard second-class grain acquisition price of 1880 yuan per ton, which is more than October 10 of the Kai price of 1750 yuan per ton a full height of 130 yuan, a short period of one months, the increase reached more than 7%. Da Cheng Group general Manager Office Director Wang Yonghan: "The current price has been adjusted three times, at the end of October from 1750 to 1800, in November 10 or so, from 1800 to 1840, around November 20 from 1840 to 1880, currently stable at this price level." Wang Yonghan told reporters that the high price of food in Jilin's corn deep-processing Enterprises is a common phenomenon, because the current enterprise inventory is too little, big into the group's current inventory only more than 100,000 tons, the normal production of daily demand will be more than 10,000 tons, to protect production must find a way to food. Wang Yonghan said that last year when the Kai price of food was only 1450 yuan, this year had to mention 300 yuan.  But even so, it is still not easy to receive food. Da Cheng Group general manager of the Office director Wang Yonghan: "Now the normal purchase volume is 10,002 (thousand tons) to 10,005 (thousand tons) per day, this year's acquisition is not more than the same period last year, this time last year should be about one times the current, and then higher than this year, about four to five times times this year.  "Reporter in the Chinese corn market online, Jilin Province, most of the corn deep-processing enterprises in the end of November, the purchase price of more than 1800 yuan, this price than they Kai this year have 5% to 7% of the increase." Da Cheng Group general manager of the Office director Wang Yonghan: "This is caused by the market, not which enterprise, can decide, we are also based on market conditions to determine, there is no way, this year domestic agricultural prices are in a high position, the international price of corn, some time ago also appeared a relatively large increase, Comprehensive international and domestic according to the market situation, we can only set this price. "Rob food leads to imbalance between supply and demand, some enterprises have no food, in addition to the deep processing enterprises such as the big one, currently in the Northeast market for food sources and grain trading enterprises as well as feed processing, aquaculture enterprises and so on, rich enterprises in the open high prices, but for the lack of financial strength, unable to rob Food Enterprises,  Faced with the dilemma of no food, to continue to see the reporter's investigation. Although it is the northeast of the Corn acquisition season, but in the distance Changchun more than 10 kilometers of Jilin grain real Grain Depot, the reporter saw that the yard should have been piled full of food empty, a food cart also did not, the person in charge here told us that they began to receive food from the end of October, but now only received hundreds of tons of food,  At this time of year, at least five thousand or six thousand tonnes were received. Jia Jinglin, director of Jia Shi Grain depot, Jilin Food Group: "I have everyThe yard should be a pile of wet food, because it cannot be collected, a grain of grain can not see very desolate is not. "This grain depot does not receive food is not an individual phenomenon, the reporter survey found that this year Changchun around the grain depot generally do not receive food."  Some officials told reporters that this year, the start of the corn purchase price will be higher than last year per catty a dime more money, and the price has been rising, and corn deep-processing enterprises, grain trading enterprises, in the deep processing and circulation of profit rate is higher, so in the acquisition link can give more attractive prices, so the grain depot is more difficult. Individual grain depot in charge of Gio: "High, we this will not receive up, yes, your price is low certainly cannot collect, the price did not give in place." "Shanda Grain Trading Co., Ltd. SHA:" If say, 30 water (corn) 7 wool (1 Jin), he (deep-processing Enterprise) can 7 Mao 1, 7 Mao 2, always higher than our small grain depot, so that there are many vehicles over there traffic is big. "Industry insiders believe that enterprises do not receive food, the overall or by the market supply decision."  Although this year corn did not appear to reduce production, but because the harvest inventory relatively low, new food market initial supply less, in addition to grab grain rally factor, corn price still has the expectation of rising. China Corn Network President Feng Lixen: "This year's carry-over inventory relatively low, this year the supply of relatively few, prices appear upward trend, there is a certain demand for the market, resulting in rising prices." "Reluctant psychological obvious corn in the future or stability of the report to see here, we should be a little worried, out of the high price of the purchase of corn, the future of food prices push higher, what will bring about the impact?" At present, we are in the grain acquisition of the first-line market, still cannot judge, but the reporter found in the interview, see food prices in the rise, the hands of the farmers are more and more do not want to sell food.  Industry insiders worry that some of the enterprises to receive food at high prices, greatly stimulated the reluctant mentality of farmers, if this effect continues to expand, the shortage of market supply may be further amplified.  Bingbin, a villager at the village of Chiang Kai-shek, on the outskirts of Changchun, has sold his family's new food to a grain broker at eight cents a year, and he is the only person who has sold the grain so far in a total of seventy or eighty families. Changchun Lan Jia Cun da Jiang Tun Villager Bingbin: "They all keep the price increase, (you think you can go up) I think can also rise, (then why did not you keep) I put the other people's garden, I thought to stay in the spring can be how the whole ah, not our garden, no place home. "Lan Jia Cun da Jiang Tun Bian Yongfu:" (Why did not sell food) now is not to give the price, this year the material rises, the old farmers feel the grain is not high enough, the material rose high.  "It is understood that at the same time last year farmers can only sell corn to six cents, and now eight cents are not received, most farmers said the price is not high enough." Changchun He long Zhen Gujiaring village villagers Sun Min: "Did not reach your psychological expectations" did not arrive, (psychological expectations), nine cents. "Changchun He long ZhenGujiaring Village Villagers Yang Guolin: "(How much money can hit your psychological expectations) this year if you can reach about nine cents before the spring Festival, it will sell!" Last year in May, more than 9.1 cents, this year not wait until then sell can reach a dollar! Last year, my family sold a loss last year, my family only sold six cents a lot of money, this time to sell. "Ordinarily, the farmer a Jiong this year can receive 15,000 Jin to 20,000 Jin Corn, hope to sell a good price this is understandable, but experts believe that if a long wait and see, may affect the market supply and demand relationship, which leads to further instability in prices."  After the country has promulgated the price control policy, the late market price may maintain the steady decline tendency. China Corn NET President Feng Lixen: "Now the price has risen to now, the real benefit is farmers, traders or intermediaries, in fact, there is no real benefit in this price rise, the real benefit of the link or in the farmers, now selling food may be a best time, so I want to hope that farmers can put their hands on the grain, Take advantage of the opportunity to sell out. "CCTV Financial Review: a few cents to highlight the industry gap to see the news just now, there is a truth, we feel really is not to vomit."  Just now see in the picture, some grain depot in front of the line up to sell grain long team, some of the grain depot is empty, on the surface, but the purchase price of corn per catty difference of three or four cents, but this is a few cents, this time it reflects the enterprise and enterprises across a cross between the industrial gap. There are roughly two types of companies that buy corn this time, corn simple processing enterprises and deep-processing enterprises, simple processing enterprises, such as feed enterprises, they are simply processing corn, industry can say that there is no technology, talent and other advantages, and corn deep-processing enterprises, products such as corn germ oil, corn starch, corn germ milk,  There is also a corn deep-processing enterprises, they use corn starch production of pharmaceutical intermediates, and then exported to foreign distribution, the profit will be higher. So as long as you a simple comparison, you will find that the difference between the two types of enterprises in the industrial advantage, bringing the different profits of enterprises, there is profit support, the purchase of raw materials prices, the two types of enterprises are completely different.  Although only a few cents in the gap, but this is precisely the industrial strength of the results of the competition. In the face of rising corn prices, there is technology, a threshold, high value-added deep-processing enterprises, only a few cents, laid their own in the raw material acquisition battle victory status, their confidence from the final processing of their products, in the face of huge profits, the enterprise does not care about the immediate amount of money. And stay in the original processing phase of the roughing enterprises, they do not have the courage to pay the immediate amount of money, because they know that their own business may be in this more than a few cents cost, the ultimate end of the money. Although not a few cents, but a few cents reflected in the industry gap, but is determining the survival of some enterprises. It should be said that China's agricultural upgrading and the elimination of backward industries, has been in the Corn Acquisition war, sounded the alarm.More should cause enterprise's ponder.
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