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September 10 Morning News, Shanda games under its hemp net ( today officially launched the first "Hemp Ball Flash Developer Contest" College group work, in addition to the outstanding developers to prepare a maximum of 30,000 Yuan cash award, will also open 200,000 annual salary for China "  The most potential flash game developer. Competition to the National Vue colleges and universities to launch a collection of outstanding talents and works, any age of 18 years old in school students (below 18 years of age under the guardianship of the Guardian authorized circumstances) can visit participate in the contest, submitted works. The work of the campus group is due from now until October 31, will be open to the player, online trial score.  The first 20 entries with the highest comprehensive score directly enter the jury review section. The contest invited the "Plant vs Zombies", "Analog City" series of well-known producers play a review, the entries recommended comments. According to the original, interesting, artistic and characteristic function of the work, the expert jury will award 5 works of the best quality, award the Campus Group Comprehensive Award, and receive the prize of cash and goods ranging from 5000 to 30,000.  At the same time, Shanda Games will also be in the contest of the campus group, looking for 1 with 21st century creative talent potential of the flash game developers to 200,000 yuan annual salary treatment to the grand game. The first "Hemp Ball Flash Developer Contest" is hosted by the hemp Net, since the beginning of August 1, the current professional group of entries has reached 130 of the balance, the number of registered more than 200 people, works of a wide range of topics, covering leisure, combat, Expo, Tower Defense and other topics.  This time, the hemp net will look into the campus, seeks the campus future creative master, for the domestic high speed development creative industry transports the fresh blood, then promotes the domestic creative industry prosperous development. Hemp Net Chinese head Huang said: "Flash game is a creative-oriented, technology as the core of the new carrier." In this field, age is not the only factor affecting creativity and expressive ability. Hemp net hope to see more talent to join the campus, but also willing to vigorously support China's flash game development talent to become the international forefront as soon as possible. ”
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