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Tan Menghong last summer, Tan sent out a letter of resignation to Chen, who did not say a word of quick approval. In this way, in the grand 13 years, successive grand President, Grand Game Chairman and CEO of the Grand founder and number second, so simple to complete a parting. (with the end of another grand founder Danian also chose to leave). Within a few months of his separation, Tan's microblog and micro-letters were the most shared photos of his travels with his family. Young but ready to go on a retirement train? Not so. Sina technology and Tan here twice to meet, the first time he said he was playing, and the second he was ready to return to the world. From the teacher to the boss 1996, Sichuan Hubei people tan from Shanghai East China University of Science and technology, and smoothly through the "squeeze the head" of the competition, leaving the school to become a teacher at the same time ready to grind. In these days, tan not only from their own students to find a future life partner, but also for the upcoming career laid the foundation. The first year of work, Tan's monthly salary is 400 yuan, a year later rose to 800. Far less than the first girlfriend's 2000 yuan. But he has another way to make money: programming. Later, Tan helped a Taiwanese boss write a program that would make 300 dollars a week, the equivalent of a monthly salary. After getting the first dollar and looking for the ox to redeem, Tan thought: "Rich." As a programmer, tan often log on to the "Tycoon Forum" run by the teacher of China Normal University. At that time mixed in this BBS also includes Grand Innovation Institute deputy Dean Guo Zhongxiang, Aliyun OS chief architect Pan, CSDN founder Shantao, see Snow Hacker founder and so on. Later, the legendary men and horses are also recruited from this forum. More importantly, in the BBS of the offline party, Tan know the small oneself a few years old Danian. Later Danian introduced Tan to his brother Chen. 1999, three people began a grand entrepreneurship. A grand executive recalls that the division of Labor was Chen responsible for strategy and capital, while Danian followed Tan in charge of execution. The beginning of the grand main business is the virtual community, Tan in charge of which instant messaging (IM) part of a similar Tencent QQ. It is said that Ma also studied the grand products. "At that time, Chen always give me 3000 yuan a month," Tan recalls that most of the money spent in a taxi, "Every night work too tired, take a taxi back to the school dormitory to get 100 yuan." And then the grand twists and turns encounter online games. Petertans led three game development teams: "The legendary World", "the Heroic Age", "The Miracle". "Legendary World" become a grand pillar of the game, "Heroic Age" team later turned to the giant achievement "journey", and "miracle" Group joined the Tencent game. Until now, the grand interior still some people are quite saddened by this. If these three games can eventually be successfully launched, the Grand Peak will be longer. But these are just assumptions. The real problem is that the success of the legendary world becomes a yardstick for Chen Tianqiao, so that it inevitably becomes a fetter. It is said that the team wants to upgrade the game backup level to improve the serviceService quality, but the cost is to add three or four times times the cost of the server, development costs to increase seven or eight times times. Chen would ask, "What is the benefit?" "or invest in the development of 3D games, research and development costs will increase four or five times times." "What about the income?" "I guess it's not worth the legendary world." "The result is, the opponent did not do a grand, the market is transferred to someone else's hands." The way of thinking is a little more than that, not only in time to keep up with the wind change is also seen as a grand game in the decline of reason. As a metaphor, it is as if the grand has been invested in the wagon, and the opponents have started to develop cars. Not long ago, Chen Tianqiao once again in an interview with Sina Technology, said, "to solve the problem should be from the system of short board, which is a basic question of logical thinking." At the same time, Chen Tianqiao also pointed out that in the process of solving problems to "focus on the most important things." Clearly the immediate benefits of the "cash cow" game business are crucial to Chen. In response to all this, tan is not willing to do more. But he says he has changed a lot over the years, such as teaching assistants who are nervous about a lecture, and growing up as CEOs who can make a smooth "talk show" on the stage. The harvest is more than that, now Tan's new career is related to his old subordinates. From the game to the electric dealer, like every executive from the Grand retirement, Tan has not continued to carry the banner of the game. Now Tan describes his identity as an investor. And he invests mainly is the Grand department entrepreneur. As an investor, Tan's point of interest is not to see the project frequently, but to invest money and time in two or three start-up companies. "I don't like being the leader, the main character, the helm will make me feel very lonely." Previously is assistant Chen General, now in another way to assist others, "Tan Sina technology." Tam's most important investment at this stage is to inject money into the control of the store ( Shop Pass is a O2O concept, trying to become a boutique business card collection. Ideally, users only need to run a branch of the membership card, can be in all partners to enjoy membership treatment. Shop through the original is Yuai and other Shanda staff entrepreneurial projects, after several visits Tan decided to invest in. In Tan's eyes, the electric dealer is the "world trend". In his analysis, but in the field of physical electricity business has not too many opportunities, but the field of life service is relatively blank. So when he saw the store through the general membership card mode, that this simple model is a breakthrough point, the future has further profound changes in the business opportunities. After the arrival of the tan, the development direction and rhythm were redefined for the store. The first stage is to improve the shop through membership card trading platform, the second stage is to introduce evaluation system and build CRM (Customer management) system, the third stage is through CRM and user data mining means, through the whole closed-loop trading system. What is the shop should hold the hand of the merchant? The first shop tried to cover all the stores, but soon found that this rapid push could not keep quality. Now store-pass partners, has been reduced from tens of thousands of homes to 600, at the same time, set up mathematical model to evaluate and analyze the cost, turnover rate and consumption frequency of single shop in different industries. One of the conclusions is: Never touch a restaurant. Shop through the ideal partner, the industry itself has a membership model, the second is to absorb the deposit is not the main business model, the third is the existence of long-term stability and repeated consumption behavior. So the store is now the industry to expand the key words: beautiful, healthy, happy life. Store not only want to docking store and the needs of users, but also want to become the user's life assistant, can arrange the formulation of consumption plans, at the same time deal with the corresponding after-sales service. For example, according to the previous consumption habits, automatically help users according to a certain period of time, booking a hair salon a technician of a certain period. How does the store make money in this mode? At present, a clear way is the difference, that is, wholesale from the merchant first buyout services, and then retail to users. Shop through the expansion of the team, was asked to store the lowest discount on the basis of the next half point of the discount margin, this is the profit space store. However, how to persuade the store to agree to cooperate? After all, this pattern will bring about a shock. Tan explained that according to the investigation of local service stores, the operating rate is only 60%, so space is not a problem. The challenge is that local services are more non-standard goods, and it is not easy to establish a standardized system for booking, consumption and evaluation. "We're trying to standardize the non-standard industry," Tan said, using Wikipedia as a way to provide users with detailed service information about a store. Grasp the merchant and consumer information, store access to have enough imagination space. "The local service on this side of Shanghai is very large, billions of, if I can eat 10%, there are a few billion dishes," tan. At the same time, he also has a preliminary goal: in Shanghai before the end of a single month turnover of tens of millions. It is revealed that the current monthly ARPU (average income per user) is 300 yuan. Whether the business model of the shop is good or not, still needs further improvement and exploration. It is noteworthy that the shop has reached a cooperation agreement with micro-letter, occasion a larger platform for development. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that Tan's investment in the layout, in addition to the electrical business also includes games and other fields. WINS solid happy defeat also to want to come back to the lake? Tan this as a new "self-realization", which is the highest level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory. He said he liked the feeling of entrepreneurship. "The legendary World" was the happiest time of my years, Tan said, "because I have a goal: to do this product, we are all in harmony, there is no murmur and resistance." 2003, "Legendary World" server side of the peripheral program is tan a person wrote out. Tan has a belief in the Internet. This is related to his school days, the preferred reading of "real", "Nerve Rover" and other science fiction, these sci-fi stories are linked to the Internet. Later MMO (Massively multiplayer online game) became the tan to build the network world, but the past pattern hasLoss of enthusiasm and imaginary space. So the use of the Internet to transform reality becomes a new choice. Yet these seem to be not all. People always have to find something to do. Especially when it comes to proving something. From the Grand departure, Chen Tianqiao publicly give Tan "meritorious has had" comments. At that time Tan also issued a photo on Weibo: He leaned on the chair, behind a "life hundred taste" four words of calligraphy. What would tan think? It's hard to hear him bombast or tan from his mouth, and he almost never uses indecent words in communication. Therefore, it is difficult to ascertain his complex feelings on the panorama of Chen Tianqiao. For this departure and past experience, Tan to Sina Technology said: "I imagined the peak did not come, but may have passed, only to try to know." As to the mentality of what to face, tan think of go when the learned of Su Dongpo verse: "Wins solid gladly, the defeat is also gratifying."
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