Grand or agent Final Fantasy 14 multiple parties confirm rumors approaching reality

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18 News: Tokyo video game show ahead of the media has confirmed that the grand Games tomorrow will hold a press conference, announced the agent FF14, but the specific time is undecided.  Grand will be officially announced at the Evening 7 o'clock Agent news. 17 News: Rumors approaching reality Shanda game President Micro Bo will release heavy products to play a network of more than September 16 news (Reporter/Blue sky) More play games net just received news, prior to the industry rumors Shanda is likely to officially signed today, "Final Fantasy 14" News at 17 o'clock in the afternoon to move closer to reality,  Shanda Game President Ling revealed in his personal microblog that a blockbuster product will be released today. Ling said in his personal microblog: "Tonight Shanda will have a very important product release, this is a world-renowned works, has been in many people's growth process has left a deep impression, is experienced under the time of a unique thought, charm and surprise products.  "Industry insiders point out that, combined with the description of the product in Ling Weibo, this product should be" Final Fantasy 14 ". Shanda Ling Tencent Weibo is understood, "Final Fantasy 14" is Japan nearly two years of much attention to the online game, developers Enix to the product high hopes, the president and Tianyang in an interview has said the product positioning is "World of Warcraft" competitor. September 15 The industry has news that Shanda Games will be announced during the Tokyo video game show in the domestic agent to operate the product, and in the previous game with more network connection, a grand game executives have revealed: "In the past a period of time, Shanda games and Enix contact."  In addition, the official certification of Sina Weibo, "Final Fantasy 14" also issued a statement that this evening will officially come to China. Final Fantasy 14 Sina certified Weibo Final Fantasy 14: Tonight I will officially come to China, for Miss FF11 friends, say sorry! I hope to share a new game experience with Chinese players!  Heritage culture, create new mileage.  Earlier news: Preach grand possible agent Final Fantasy 14 grand executives did not deny more play Network news (reporter/Blue sky) September 16 message, in the recent industry out of the "grand possible agent" Final Fantasy 14 news, more play game network reporters to the grand game to verify that the other side in the connection process has not been denied. Shanda Games A senior executive in the process of playing games with the network to confirm that today's grand games will be held in Tokyo, the news of a new product launch, but he did not disclose the specific information, said only that the secrecy of the work to do very strict, oneself is also from the media to know this news,  He confirmed that Tan is currently in Tokyo preparing to attend the new product launch. Meanwhile, the executive said in the past period, the Shanda game indeed and the "Final Fantasy 14" developer Enix maintained close contact, but the two business areas more limited to the co-development of the game "champions Football manager", according to him if the agent "Final Fantasy 14" information is true, Then the future grand games will likely and square to carry out more cooperation in the field. (Edit/Heavy)
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