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Easy to interchange North China marketing general manager Wang Honglei (Sina Science and Technology Han Lian/photo) Adworld2011 Interactive marketing world and micro-time* summit was held in Beijing on January 7, 2011. As China's authoritative wind vane, international professional exchange and cooperation platform, ADWORLD2011 (10th session) will bring together thousands of upper and lower middle and downstream marketing high-level exchanges and cooperation.  Sina Science and Technology live broadcast this meeting.  Easy interchange of North China marketing general manager Wang Honglei. I particularly understand why the qin sum Xu always sweating, because it is really hot. Today is very happy to introduce you to leisurely. Easy to say first, it is committed to network advertising precision industry platform development and service development. Our company was founded in 2007, is now divided into North, on, Canton three office.  The establishment of the first big now, technology has been easy to exchange the most attention. This is easy to exchange a strategy, we divide the crowd into three categories, the public, the audience and a public. The public is very good to explain, when we want to cover the public, we selected some of the internet door to launch, so we can guarantee the most exposure, our products, our ads to receive more users. The audience, if we are now the automotive industry users, we have to cover the vertical media of the car, through such coverage, we can probably collect these users, and then show them ads. A lot of people, and the biggest difference between the audience, very simple, just now I talked about cars, if we put any car products ads to the home page of the car media or the car channel, it may have problems. A person who buys a BMW and a person who buys QQ, his demand is completely different, can say QQ person, you let him see BMW, he may tell you I like very much, then he buys not to buy, can say in the short term will not have the demand, we do the advertisement must have the effect, we need to put this effect to ascend,  This time we need to target different groups of people to put different ads, so that they accept different products and different advertisers. Here is a specific plan for the public, the public and the audience. You can see the public coverage, it's the highest exposure rate, but the public coverage has a problem, user overlap degree. Advertisers cast a lot of media, but a user will also go to a lot of media to browse it to know the information, at this time, may be a user to repeatedly browse our ads 10 times, or even dozens of times, so in fact, we advertisers advertising costs is a certain waste. Industry distribution, we can say that the crowd has a general division, but also take the car for example, we now cast the vertical or the portal car channel, we can say that in our users, it must be they, to our help very much. The following marketing, through the Kuyi to solve some problems, the following is about mass marketing advertising forms.  It will also give people a refreshing feeling, and creative means more. Industry in the media, we can see, in addition to just now we talked about the SAGStraight form, now we are in the media cooperation, so this window than the regular advertising bit, the biggest advantage is to be able to play the video, so many customers take the film, we directly to his clips, and then we can put. This time to give them again to instill in our brand, the user's feelings have a lot of help. Here is a lot of precision this piece, this is easy to exchange a very strong product.  When a user visits the media, we will record that he is concerned about which points of interest, such as buying a BMW and the people who buy QQ, his needs are not the same, he is concerned about the different information, through this, we can analyze the level of the people he belongs to. This is the media integration platform, we can see that we are divided into three major categories. These three categories are integrated portals, search, industry vertical network. Integrated portal, vertical site are our cooperation media, as well as the industry vertical network, you can see that this is 11 industries vertical subdivision.  These media are more powerful in the present, and brand more good media, through these media and our customers of the media brand, plus the customer's brand, produce a powerful combination of results. Now for you to introduce why to choose leisurely and easy to exchange. Leisurely and easy to exchange, we now only do the Internet advertising marketing. I just said mass marketing is through a comprehensive portal, including marketing and marketing, through our all-round packaging, each customer we can almost cover, such as Mengniu, Yili, such as the FMCG, it is very in line with the mass marketing, because everyone here, I think there will be drinking milk demand. When it comes to the audience, such as it, the car, it's the niche marketing stuff. The following marketing, may be personalized to make this part of the business. I just said the user overlap degree problem, you can see in the comprehensive portal, his users overlap about 33% to 56% of this piece, that is, a large part of the budget, we let the same part of the people to see, we want to take this part of the money to cover more effective users, the audience it is actually more accurate than the public part of the , but also limited.  Marketing, can be said to solve the problem of user overlap, first of all, we need to know where the interest of this person, and then let different people of interest to see different ads, so in the limited budget can attract the most audience. The process before each launch, or the familiar part of the business. Easy interworking It has an analysis of the underlying attributes of the population, this basic attribute includes the person's gender, age, income, etc., when a product needs to be promoted, we can target the human attributes, see if he is interested in the product, and then on the Internet time and geographical distribution will do some subdivision, such as Internet time , because leisurely and easy to exchange the advertising system is their own. Therefore, the advertisement from which media to put, with the time period, completely by easy Exchange intelligent platform to make decisions. For example, people in this room, at least for more than 10 years in general, eat instant noodles, when you see the instant noodles, on this thingNo special idea, not because a really want to eat and buy instant noodles, but if in overtime, you do not eat, very hungry, this time you browse a media to see the relevant information, when a certain instant noodles brand, I can not say you read this ad you hurriedly ran downstairs to buy a bag of instant noodles,  But we want to be able to think of this instant noodles when the user is going to the supermarket next time. There is also a geographical distribution, I just mentioned that we because after many years of it collection, so we for each user's it, is a strong mark on his region. We can give him some breakdown in this piece, for example, the same product, such as McDonald's, we have eaten. Similarly McDonald's in this weather now, if in the Beijing area, we cast a operation certainly no problem, according to the conventional advertising, may be in the country to vote this advertisement, so in fact, people in Hainan look very annoying, because they still wear underwear, if in order to take care of Hainan, we now drink cold, then north China is crazy.  We have to target different audiences for the same customers, and give him various ads. How to count to the user's point of interest and his orientation. Browsing trajectory, in fact, very convenient for everyone to understand, because we open their own computers, which have their own browsing records. Easy interoperability is to track each of these users on our cooperative media to see what information they have visited. For example, if we analyze the last 100 addresses of a particular user, there may be 40 it,40 with 30 cell phones in it, and 30 of them have 20 talking about the iphone, so we know exactly what the audience is interested in now. So at this point, we know about ads like that and we're going to throw them out. And then there's the analysis of advertising behavior, if it's a user, so we had a Nokia ad for him before, he could be a music phone, maybe a smartphone, maybe another feature phone, I could put in Samsung, or I could put in a Sony Ericsson AD, and if the user he was in these three ads, he was actively involved in the activity , or how much of the official website, this time there is a new mobile phone products, I will do the same for the audience, if, in turn, if the audience he sees our ads, he will not pay attention to, or to directly turn off the video window, we have the fourth time we have similar products, we will not be the launch of him,  To this extent, we have saved the budget for advertisers. And then there's the active search. This can be said in reverse, when a user is browsing a media, if he is looking at a watch, if the media is our cooperative media, it is possible to reverse the launch of the user search engine on the word is what, so that we can intuitively understand the user's recent needs where,  If he searches a certain type of cell phone, we can know what he cares about and where his interest is. Because easy to exchange the core is actually a search engine, search engine is ourPart of this and we routinely use the search engine the biggest difference, we will only for the red box part, is the original part, the body part of the search, the peer to the navigation bar and advertising on the screen off, so that we can analyze the page, know what he means. If he browses the page frequently, we know he has a desire to buy a car recently, and then the price is about 500,000. At this time, generally in the lower right corner of the place, we give him a Volvo car. At the same time because of the different frequency control direction, I have just told you, is the media overlap degree problem. Because through the easy Exchange platform to advertise, we can know each audience to see our ads, in this way, we can effectively control users to see the number of ads, while saving our budget. We usually default is three times, this time people who are interested can go back to calculate, reached four times, it's click-through costs and advertising costs have been greatly improved. Now is the extension of the frequency part, we usually advertise the time, we buy one months of advertising, the middle will change two to three times of advertising, we contact our products through the audience, he looked at the previous several ads and the ad after a few times to see a completely different, a user through slowly guide, let him slowly understand our products,  Without forcing him to instill some thought. You can see that leisurely exchange will provide a complete experience report, whether it is the site or time, period and so on, as well as the length of the broadcast statistics. Through this complete report, you can clearly know our advertising effect. At the same time easy interoperability There is also a Third-party monitoring platform, the monitoring platform is 20-minute update, so basically able to do real-time updates to ensure the effect. This is the inside of our playback volume, a PV and UV, it's not a lot of the amount of playback, easy to browse the volume of about 85% of PV. Because our material belongs to the form of the film, our regular playback time is 15 seconds, only play to half or more ads, we will be charged, because a lot of users are accustomed to, see that they do not like the ads directly off, it is in our backstage, it is playing a long half of the following, We don't charge at this time.
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