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Recently, Sina Weibo to cold jokes selected, excellent quotations, such as micro-Bo grassroots control, making these grassroots large and more difficult to make money. Business newspaper reporter yesterday learned that some grassroots large operators so that income is lower, and even face unemployment, and the link between the grassroots and advertisers platform sales fell by 30%-40%. The industry's assessment of this, the underlying cause of Sina's move is the pressure of its microblog commercialization.

Grassroots large forwarding prices drop sharply

If you are a microblogging user, will not be cold jokes selected, wonderful quotes, such as global fashion account is unfamiliar, they through the release of cold jokes, wonderful quotes, in micro-blog to obtain a large number of fans, and then occasionally forward ads, in order to obtain income.

Lately, however, the grassroots have become harder to make money on Weibo. Media reports, 2011, a 3 million fans of the grassroots large, forwarding a micro-blog offer up to 50,000 yuan, 2011 only a micro-blog comedy list of the annual profit is 15 million yuan. However, in 2012 years, the grassroots large-scale single promotion cost basically fell to below 5000 yuan.

Although a large number of grassroots, but mostly in the workshop-style management, because of tax avoidance and other reasons for the basic public appearances. A number of grassroots account holders who had been interviewed by the commercial press had not answered the phone.

Some time ago, it really dropped the price. The local micro-broad in Chongqing I love Chongqing operator Chen Yuyu, an interview with the commercial newspaper, said. He runs my love for Chongqing with only more than 500,000 fans.

Microblogging activity three months down 20%

For grassroots large and advertisers matchmaking microblogging marketing platform Micro Bo Easy to lead the Xu, said the commercial newspaper reporter interviewed, because the money is not good, some large operating agencies behind the downsizing, the original is almost a person to manage an account, is now a person in charge of more than 10 accounts, published daily content quality is also affected. Xu said.

By monitoring tens of thousands of of Weibo accounts, including popular tweets, the activity of Sina Weibo has fallen by 20% in the last three months. Xu said that because of the sharp decline in income, grassroots large downsizing manpower, resulting in a decline in content, so the microblogging activity declined.

For the loss of activity, I love Chongqing operators Chan Yu is also have a firsthand experience. He told the newspaper reporter, previously sent a very news point of the micro-blog, forwarding the amount of easy thousands, now more difficult, basic stay in hundreds of of the forwarding volume, much lower than before. He said.

Chen also said that a large number of regular microblogging content activity declined more clearly, we now have 500,000 fans, often with the previous content to be sent back, when the fans about 300,000 bar, forwarding volume has not previously high, at least not growth. ' According to the truth, fans are growing and forwarding should be higher, ' he said.

Chen Yuyu also to help advertisers do activities for example, before sending a few concert tickets, forwarding the amount of easy tens of thousands, now has not reached, only thousands of of the forwarding volume.

Sina Weibo sniper Root Large

In these grassroots big day is not easy, microblogging activity is also falling behind, is Sina in nearly a year has increased the management of grassroots large.

Commercial newspaper reporter learned that last March, Sina wide range of micro-bo on the zombie powder clean-up, the goal is grassroots large, after the sweep, grassroots large drop in the powder rate of more than 10%, more than 30%~40%;4 months, Sina announced to the grassroots large ads thoroughly eliminated; followed by the May, micro-blog comedy rankings, Global classics, such as a part of the grassroots large by Sina for some time the ban, the reason is the content of plagiarism.

Then last September, Sina Weibo micro-mission platform on the line, that is, the grassroots to complete the forwarding of micro-blog and other promotional tasks to be reviewed by the micro-mission platform, and Sina from the grassroots large income from the 30% cost.

It is understood that last December, Sina again increased management, to those who have not yet become a micro-task cooperation account of the grassroots large, prohibit the forwarding of Taobao and other external links, which makes many grassroots large loss of a lot of forwarding advertising business opportunities.

In this regard, I love Chongqing operator Chen Yuyu said, because I love Chongqing such a regional account of the main profit model is not the forwarding of hard advertising, the impact of small income, but also does not exclude the SINA Micro-task cooperation.

But Xu, the head of the microblog, told the newspaper reporter bluntly, influenced by the recent policy adjustments of Sina Weibo, the Chih turnover has fallen 30%~40%. The number of microblog-related microblogs has also fallen by 20%.

Expert opinion

Sina control is asking for trouble

Internet commentator Bo, an interview with the commercial Press, said Sina previously in order to improve the number of users, user activity, such as the number of grassroots too much tolerance, indulgence, resulting in grassroots large and marketing companies dominate the commercialization of micro-blogging, and when today Sina is facing the problem is no longer the growth of micro-blogging, but Weibo how to make money, Sina found that This market is a lot of money flowing, but did not flow into their pockets, so began to suppress the grassroots large.

Bo that today, whether it is a grassroots business, or Sina Weibo's active degree may not be back to the peak, the pace of the commercialization of Sina Weibo is not necessarily as it hoped. Because want to commercialize as soon as possible, it is Sina from the capital level consideration, but is not Weibo user's hope, but lets the user dislike, the two want completely different. Bo said.

Bo that, grassroots large, network marketing agencies with the past, such as the flow of the group, many are not playing a transparent game of the gray area, they can not even earn money on Weibo, will certainly be through the transfer front, transform operations continue to earn money.

Bo said that the micro-letter will not like Sina to condone the destruction of the ecological environment of the grassroots, there are many restrictions at the outset, and can modify the rules of the game at any time, therefore, the transfer to micro-letter platform is not micro-bo grassroots large way out.

Beijing Shenyan Media Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Business Development senior vice president of the commercial newspaper reporters said, to not be eaten, micro-blogging marketing organizations must have some micro-task skills, to provide advertisers with more accurate advertising strategy services. For example, to help enterprises maintain the image in the micro-blog, when the enterprise appears negative information, through the micro-bo forwarding volume and impact to customize public relations programs.

News depth

The commercial pressure of Sina microblog is big

Sina Weibo has been strengthening its regulatory microblogging market and maintaining the experience of ordinary users, the Weibo publicist said yesterday in an interview with the commercial news agency. The micro-mission platform was launched soon, mainly to standardize the market. The person said.

Yet another well-known underlying cause is the commercial pressures of Sina Weibo. Since the beginning of the August 2009, the commercialization of Sina Weibo has become the focus of attention, but its commercialization process has not begun, until 2011, Sina CEO Cao Chao first proposed micro-blog interactive precision advertising, social games, real-time search, wireless value-added services, E-commerce platform and digital content charges six commercial channels.

Last April, Sina announced full commercialization, officially online Sina Weibo advertising and corporate microblogging 2.0. According to the introduction, Sina Weibo advertising product portfolio includes advertising ideas, recommendation engine, application page and information flow. Among them, the recommendation engine is the core part, while the social interest is the core of the recommendation engine.

In addition to corporate fees, Sina Weibo last June 18 announced the launch of Sina Weibo membership system, members need to pay a monthly fee of 10 yuan. The news, the sound of criticism.

Yesterday, the Sina Weibo PR Personage told the newspaper reporter, micro-blog advertising is still the most important commercial initiatives, two-quarter microblogging ads to achieve 10 million U.S. dollars in revenue, three quarter doubling. Despite the rapid growth, it is still not enough to keep up with Sina's investment in Weibo, which has fallen from $125 trillion in peak times to more than $50 trillion.

The person also revealed that the recent Sina Weibo will also be issued for small and medium-sized self-help advertising products, will be based on the recommendation engine to help enterprises achieve accurate delivery.

External users transfer other social platforms

The industry believes that the reason for the decline in microblogging activity, but also the external competition-micro-credit and other new social tools for Sina users of the transfer of interest, diversion.

I love Chongqing operator Chen Yuyu told the newspaper reporter, a lot of former friends who play Micro Bo, now are not how to play, are playing micro-letter, pop and other social tools. The citizen Zhang also said to the reporter, now all not how to play Weibo, more like in the micro-letter to communicate with friends, and said in the micro-letter circle of friends to publish photos, text and more privacy.

Industry insiders told reporters that the current micro-trust Circle of friends in the daily use rate of more than 400 million people, active degree may have surpassed Sina Weibo. Commercial newspaper reporter learned from the Sina earnings, as of 2012 three, Sina Weibo registered users more than 424 million, daily active user ratio of around 10%.

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