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A few years ago, it was predicted that the workstation market would go downhill, but today the workstation is one of the world's fastest-growing > Market segments. Because we not only need to make use of workstations to create more realistic animation film and video games, but also need to use workstations to assist in the search for oil energy, financial analysis, auxiliary design and manufacturing simulation ... The trend of computational visualization will bring unlimited business opportunities to the workstation market.

but in China, compared to the market of servers, desktops and laptops, the slow development of the workstation market is an indisputable fact. Intel Server Platform Division marketing general manager Boyd Davis recently quoted a group of data in media interviews: According to IDC 2007 Global server, desktop, notebook and workstation products sales statistics, China in the server, desktop and notebook sales in the world's top two places, But the workstation is ranked 6th in the world. China has 0.27 workstations per 100 clients, and the average of the world's top 10 countries is 1.35 workstations per 100 clients. Visible, compared with the global market, the Chinese workstation market has considerable potential to be dug.

Boyd Davis said that with China's rapid economic and social development, China is in the process of transforming from a manufacturing powerhouse to a great power, and this shift will inevitably lead to a large demand for workstations.

of course, including finance, oil exploration, animation, online games, film and television production, design simulation, biological research, weather forecasts, CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) and so on in many fields also put forward higher requirements for workstation products: stronger computational performance, better I/O throughput capabilities, Stable and reliable, and can be flexibly deployed and expanded according to business needs, as well as to meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.

It is understood that in recent years, under the guidance of the Tock strategy, Intel has updated its manufacturing process and processor microarchitecture every two years, thus continuously advancing the progress of computing technology. At the same time, Intel has launched workstation processor products for different markets, in response to different user requirements.

Open the Web page for Intel company workstation processor products, it's not hard to see that the entire Intel Workstation platform product family is strong: not only dual core/four Xeon processors for dual workstations, but also Core 2 extreme processors for highly energy efficient single processor workstations, core 24 core/dual core processors, and Core 2 Duo mobile processor products for entry-level single processor mobile workstations. such as HP recently launched a high-end workstation xw8600 equipped with 2 four core Xeon X5482 processor (1,600-mhz front-end bus) and 800-mhz memory. In addition, Intel has introduced blade workstation products.

Intel Workstation Processor List



Intel Xeon Processor Type 5000

Designed for real workstation users, the conversion of workstations based on dual-core and four-core Intel Xeon processors will be the process of turning workstations into supercomputers. With 8 compute cores that handle parallel workflows, you can transform complex data into usable information in a very short time.

Intel Core 2 Extreme processors

Designed for energy-efficient single-processor workstations, the Intel Core 2 Extreme processor with mobile dual-core or desktop quad and desktop implementations will meet the performance requirements of many engineers, architects, animators, and analysts.

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