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New UI Design This month the glutinous rice net client released a novel version, as a group buying website of the mobile client is not just a simple web site information content migration? What is the optimization of the usage habits of mobile phone users? What are the characteristics of the mobile terminals themselves? Let us have a deep understanding of the new version of sticky rice mobile phone client. New UI design Small series found that the new version of Glutinous rice network client UI for the obvious optimization, users in the use of visual perception better, the use of more uniform, touch experience has been significantly improved. From the previous version (left) and the new (right) application to open the screen contrast is not difficult to see, the new glutinous rice NET client uses the pink main style design, in fact the new client whether the application opens the picture or uses the process the interface main color to change from the original blue color to the pink. And this pink main color also and glutinous rice NET Web site's main tonal form unify, in the visual Assurance user usage custom consistency. After entering the new glutinous rice NET client's main interface, it is not difficult to find that the UI design has the quality optimization, its unified style with the Web site at the same time, the purchase information presented form of the redesign, the new version (right) compared to the old version (left) to enhance the navigation bar and the function of the bottom bar, and the original group buy icon amplification, Fonts are also made clearer by the white-bottom black word processing. New glutinous rice NET client in use will obviously feel the visual impact of the purchase information more strong, finger touch experience more comfortable. Another in the specific purchase of the rendering interface, the new (right) also compared to the old version (left) more clearly intuitive. The same will be the image of the group to enlarge, and the important group purchase information to focus on the text display. Users in the new interface can be more quickly understand the specific content and price of group purchase. And this group purchase information page and sticky rice Web version to maintain the consistency of style, so that the old glutinous rice network users in the use of mobile phones do not have a jerky feeling. Original old version of the individual group purchase information interface, the user after browsing a group purchase information can only press the return key to return to the previous level menu to continue to browse other purchase information. And in the new version of Glutinous rice NET Client single group purchase information interface has joined the horizontal sliding switch to the next purchase information function, whether the user is in the specific purchase information interface opening or in the browsing process, you can use the horizontal sliding gesture to switch to the next purchase information.
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