Guangzhou house price first drop in 18 months

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The second quarter average price of 6835 yuan/square meters, the chain down 2.4% New Express News (reporter picture) "4 15" property market after the introduction, the Guangdong new house prices in two quarter official decline. Yesterday, the Guangdong Provincial Housing Society Market Research Department, South China Polytechnic University Architectural Institute of Architecture and Economic management and real Estate Research Institute and the Guangdong Bureau of Statistics Fixed Assets Investment statistics Office jointly released the first half of 2010 Guangdong Real Estate Market Analysis report, showing two quarter of a single residential average price down 2.4%, below 7000 yuan/  The square metre pass, which is also the first residential average in Guangdong, has seen its quarterly decline since the 18 months of 2009. Sales Analysis sales area down 6.6% macro-control effects show the report shows that the Guangdong primary residential average price of 2009 years in the first quarter of 5812 yuan/square meters, in the fourth quarter of 2009 to 6477 yuan/square meters, to the first quarter of this year to reach a high of 7004 yuan/square meters, two quarters back to sqm。 In the first half of this year, Guangdong House average price 6913 yuan/square meters, an increase of 15.3%.  In fact, with the introduction of the property market, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, two major first-line city property prices in the two quarter began to decline, real estate sales increase, but the two or three-tier city decline relatively small, individual city property prices are still strong. While the price of property fell, the sales volume of commercial housing in Guangdong was also greatly reduced. The first half of the province's commercial housing sales area of 28.5149 million square meters, down 3.2%, which is the first time since the sales area year-on-year decline, sales 205.993 billion yuan, an increase of 13.7% per cent.  One of the primary residential sales area of 25.9146 million square meters, down 6.6% year-on-year, sales 179.139 billion yuan, an increase of 7.7%.  Guangdong Provincial Housing association Responsible Person said that the first half of the provincial property market transactions data show that the state and province of the real estate markets, the effect of the adjustment policy has been shown, the impact on sales is particularly obvious, the impact on the price of sale also began to reflect the market tends to rational and stable. Funds in place than monthly decline in capital of the housing enterprise capital chain began to tighten it is reported that this year, Guangdong developers selling property is not as good as last year, sales of funds dropped significantly, coupled with bank loans tightening, the second half of the developer capital chain more and more tense.  In the first half of this year, Guangdong Real estate sources of funds, deposit and advance payment of 58.505 billion yuan, down 5.5%, personal mortgage loans 46.991 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 24.9%, but compared to the same period last year, the increase is lower 66.4%. In contrast, the first half of the year developers self-financing up to 74.999 billion yuan, an increase of 29.3%.  Domestic loan source of funds in the two quarter of the ratio is significantly lower than the first quarter, the first quarter of domestic loan funds accounted for 27.5%, and two quarter only 23.2%, the contraction of the financing of the developer capital chain began to tighten. From the capital investment ratio, the first half of the real estate funds accounted for 181% of the completed investment, compared with the same period in recent years only less than last year194%, remains high. But since the first half of this year, developers in place funds accounted for the proportion of the development of monthly decline, accounted for 275% in January-February, and January-June accounted for the ratio to 181%, showing that corporate capital pressure gradually appeared.  Industry insiders said that many developers at present the capital chain has begun to tighten, so in the second half of the developers may not be able to withstand the pressure and price selling floor. Land market price of 2409 yuan/square meters housing costs increased significantly in April before the country's stringent regulatory policy, developers to market expectations of optimism, the enthusiasm is also higher, the land market is hot. The second quarter was affected by the policy, real estate development enterprises in the land market more cautious and rational. The first half of the acquisition of land area of 6.9442 million square meters, down 28.4%, compared with the first quarter growth fell 82.3%.  On the other hand, the land transaction price increased substantially, up 167.2% Year-on-year, and fell 31.3% from the first quarter.  From the same period in recent years, real estate enterprises to purchase land area, the first half of this year, only 6.9442 million square meters, down 28.4%, compared to the land purchase price reached the highest, for 2409 yuan/square meters, up 273.5% year-on-year, developers to take the cost of substantial increase. Provincial Housing association: developers should accelerate the sale of buildings reported, with the property market in the two quarter of the shift, the Guangdong Provincial Housing Society called for developers to pay attention to the withdrawal of funds, accelerate the sale of buildings. The provincial housing association said that the country's new round of real estate regulation and control policy role is obvious, the results gradually appear, so the developers should take stock of the situation, comply with policy requirements, adjust profit expectations, change marketing strategy, pay attention to capital withdrawal, maintain a sound development trend. In addition, the provincial Housing Society also advised the Government to maintain the continuity and stability of the policy, stabilize market expectations, avoid sharp fluctuations in the market, and effectively maintain regulatory results.
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