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In this article, take a free online cloud computing course to improve skills and promote career development. Alibaba Academy courses learn cloud computing and other courses on demand.
What is cloud computing?
Cloud computing is a computing method in which shared resource groups such as file storage, Web servers, data processing services, and applications can be accessed via the Internet. Resources are stored in data centers around the world and can be used by anyone or devices connected to the network. Cloud computing has great advantages. Since enterprises and individuals no longer need to invest in expensive infrastructure and software to host and deploy services locally, service costs for enterprises and individuals can be reduced. Companies using cloud technology and services can easily scale up or down as needed, thereby reducing expenses and eliminating idle resources. Examples of cloud computing services include Alibaba Cloud.

Cloud Computing Online Course
Take the entry-level and advanced cloud computing courses to teach you how to design, implement and manage a complete cloud computing system. Learn how to design distributed cloud computing applications, understand effective cloud architecture, and understand how to implement important cloud security features to prevent hackers. And includes many free online university courses to help you learn more about cloud computing options and features.

Cloud Computing Jobs
The field of cloud computing is experiencing incredible growth. Enterprises are moving more and more infrastructure to the cloud, which means that there is a high demand for cloud computing experts. A quick search of can find more than 5000 full-time cloud computing positions, such as cloud management, Alibaba cloud system developer, cloud architect and cloud security manager.

Explore cloud computing careers
The field of cloud computing provides excellent opportunities for job security, career development and promotion. Start one of the introductory cloud computing courses today to see if it is suitable for a career as a cloud computing architect or engineer. Get your cloud certification now!
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