Hacking enterprise Servers cost more than 0 of research and development software to be cloned

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Morning News (correspondent Patrick reporter Chang) just put more than 1 million developed with the formal copyright of the network Printing system, one months after the function of similar "pirated" products. Nanjing Yuhuatai Public Security Bureau Software Park Police Room police in the area to visit the enterprise found this problem, and finally cracked a computer information system hacker attack data cases.  The case is the first illegal acquisition of computer information system in Nanjing since the implementation of article 285 of the Penal Code. Enterprise Server is hacked. More than 1 million products developed by the Clone Yuhuatai Public Security Bureau Software Park Police Room police in a visit to an enterprise, the person in charge Guo to the police reflect: May 2010, the company invested more than 1 million yuan to successfully develop the main network products "CMY network Printing System", July 2011 obtained the national Copyright. Many companies after trial, think the function is very powerful, have signed a use agreement.  However, just after one months, August 20, the company received customer feedback, a printing company in Shanghai is using a similar function of software. The operating platform provided by this printing company is identical in addition to its color and its different features. Would it happen to have developed the same software? Guo always invited the CMY network Printing system developers, they think the other party must not be too late in such a short time to develop their own similar software platform. "We are likely to be black.  "Software engineers found that, in the near future, only the CMY network printing system, which is normally stored by the Internet, has been hacked into by unidentified IP addresses. After receiving the alarm, Yuhuatai Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the Yuhuatai District Software enterprises gathered, the main product is software, if they spend huge sums of money to develop software stolen by others, some enterprises may go bankrupt. Yuhuatai Public Security Bureau Network Police Brigade quickly set up a task force, the case carried out investigation.  After one months in Shanghai, Hefei and Zhuhai, the case was quickly ascertained. 500 bucks. The hacker cloned the product. At the end of July this year, a printing company in Shanghai contacted the injured company and considered the rental price too high. So, the company boss Min find familiar with a Taiwanese-funded enterprise network management yellow Help. Can see the system, yellow immediately silly eyes. CMY Network Printing system function is too powerful, need to organize a professional team, spend a few months time to tackle the line. "Only to steal." Huang MoU Min to the bottom.  Min expressed recognition, and gave yellow 6000 yuan. I can't do it, Huang thought of a person--a famous Education website network management in summer. Summer some leisure to study hacker technology, hacker level greatly improved. Summer a CMY network printing system, unexpectedly found oneself also can't get down, so then through the network post, the task issued to network ace Liu. Liu graduated from a first-class university in China, is now employed as a university software engineer, a long time in the online hacker forum, is the top master. For him, attacking a server and stealing the inside programIt's too small for pediatrics, but for a few hours. So, he only bid 500 yuan, he took the job.  As a result, the injured company spent more than 1 million of the software developed, and was Min used. CMY Network Printing system is really very powerful, yellow, summer and Liu is a knowledgeable person, three people all of its source code has been backed up, ready to sell on the Internet. If they succeed, the million-dollar investments of the affected companies must be floating. Fortunately, Yuhuatai police to solve the case in time, all technical information is not leaked. At present, illegal intrusion into the company's servers, theft of server data Min, yellow, summer and Liu are suspected of illegal access to computer information System data crime was Yuhuatai police detention. Since the implementation of article 285 of the Penal Code, the first case of illegal access to computer information system has been uncovered in the city.
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