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Hive Installation

1. Environmental Requirements
1, Java 1.7 or above
2, Hadoop 2.x (preferred), 1.x (not keyword by Hive 2.0.0 onward).
2. Installation Configuration
Hive does not have Hadoop, hbase, or zookeeper master-slave architecture, so just install it on the machine you need.
1. Decompression
TAR-ZXVF apache-hive-0.13.1-bin.tar.gz
Move the unpacked folder to the directory you want to store.
2. Configure the Environment
sudo vi/etc/profile
Export Hive_home=/usr/export/servers/apache-hive-0.13.1-bin
Export path=$ $PATH: $HIVE _home/bin
Environment effective Source/etc/profile

3. Configure hive-env.sh
(1). renaming
Change the hive-env.sh.template to hive-env.sh
(2). Configure Hadoop_home (Hadoop installation directory)
(3). Configure Export Hive_conf_dir (HIVE's CONF directory)
Export hive_conf_dir=/usr/export/servers/apache-hive-0.13.1-bin/conf

4. Establish files/tmp and/user/hive/warehouse in HDFs and modify permissions
Hadoop fs-mkdir/tmp
Hadoop Fs-mkdir/user/hive/warehouse
Hadoop Fs-chmod g+w/tmp
Hadoop Fs-chmod G+w/user/hive/warehouse
5. Installation Complete
Enter the CLI command-line mode for hive by typing the hive command.

Second, Hive operation mode and configuration
Hive 3 Operating modes supported by the metabase, inline mode, local mode, and remote mode.
Inline mode
The default mode is that the metadata service and hive run in the same JVM, and the metadata is stored in Derby, the local disk, and there can be only one hive session.
Local mode
Use a stand-alone database as a storage component of metadata, such as MySQL.
Install MySQL (Ubuntu)
1. To see if MySQL is installed
sudo netstat-tap | grep MySQL
No results, no installation.
2. To see if MySQL is installed
sudo apt install mysql-server
sudo apt install mysql-client
It is best to use root installation and have encountered an installation failure, updating update apt under root.

MySQL configuration
1. Modify root password
UPDATE user SET Password=password (' 123456 ') where user= ' root ';
2. Allow users to remotely access
sudo vi/etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf
bind-address = this content and Comment
3. Allow root users to be far Path Access
(1). Enter MySQL, enter MySQL database
(2). There is a user's table
(3) under the MySQL database. Find the User,host column of the user table
Select User,host From user
(4). Find User column root,host column localhost, modify Host column '% '
Update user set host= '% ' where user= ' root ' and host= ' lo Calhost ';
Flush Privileges;
4. Restart MySQL
sudo/etc/init.d/mysql restart

Hive configuration
1. Create Hive-site.xml file under Hive directory conf, initialize content to :

2. Find the following 4 configuration contents in the Hive-default.xml.template file:
(1): Javax.jdo.option.ConnectionURL
      (2): Javax.jdo.option.ConnectionDriverName
(3): Javax.jdo.option.ConnectionUserName
(4): Javax.jdo.option.ConnectionPassword
Add these four configurations in Hive-site.xml

Copy jar pack
copy MySQL drive Jar pack, to HIV E installation directory's lib. The new hive version may also need to replace the Hive_home/lib/jline-2.12.jar file with the original version of Hadoop_home/share/hadoop/yarn/lib (that is, delete the old version, Copy the new version to this directory, or hive startup will fail

Remote mode
Hive Server and metadata services under different JVMs, hive servers can access multiple metadata servers. typically accessed through JDBC/ODBC.

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