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September 6, the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Fair (hereinafter referred to as the IFA exhibition) in Germany opened the curtain. As the world's most influential professional home appliances exhibition, Haier and other world-renowned brands of home appliances exhibitors. This exhibition to "into Tomorrow" as the theme, showing a lot of smart home appliances representing the future lifestyle, by the world's media and electronic equipment enthusiasts attention. The Internet era, in the personalized demand, technology innovation is increasingly fast intelligent home appliances industry, has emerged a number of representative innovative products and let the global users applauded the innovative technology, in this exhibition to exhibitors from all over the world not small impact. Among them, to "innovate my Life" as the theme of the exhibition of the world's first home appliance brand Haier, demonstrated by intelligent innovation to change the lives of smart home appliances concept, debut OLED TV products, TVNOW2.0 Intelligent TV Interactive mode, from the hardware and software to explain the wisdom of family concept, has become the focus of media and exhibitors. Haier TV's first OLED product debut IFA reporter saw at the exhibition scene, with the wisdom of the family concept of the prevalence of smart home appliances have been more and more attention, as a home intelligent terminals, smart television has naturally become the focus of the show. In the exhibition, Haier TV debut OLED products, display its diversified technological innovation strength. Prior to this, it is recognized that in the future will replace the traditional LED LCD OLED, with its 4K quality combined with the high definition, more frivolous and more visual angle, such as the advantages of wide attention by the industry. The OLED products on display in Haier's television show a major breakthrough in OLED technology with lighter, thinner, and more energy-efficient screen advantages. The move will push domestic companies to rearrange OLED products and accelerate the launch of OLED TV's global outreach strategy. It is understood that Germany in order to promote the television in the field of high-definition quality, the further development of the broadcasting Network and the electronics industry has introduced a new standard, the ultra-high-definition of intelligent television field of attention can be seen. Haier TV in the IFA show outstanding performance, has been unanimously praised. In Europe, Haier TV, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and other consumer electronics products and energy-saving home solutions, become the first choice for many European families. Tvnow function version 2.0 to do "browsing TV without changing the channel" when watching TV, people often appear in this situation, in exchange for the favorite program of the bridge missed, or finally think of yesterday's hit TV channel, in the past is a tough ad time. At the IFA, the experience was the first to experience the "TVnow2.0 Intelligent TV Interactive Way" without changing channels. David, a local visitor from Germany, was surprised to learn from the "Tvnow" feature of Haier's smart TV, telling reporters, "in a short time, Haier TV can record the user's habit of watching, and automatically generate a continuous list of channels, do not need to remember the number, do not skip the conversion platform, you can live picture previewThe other 5 favorite channels of the current broadcast content, for live programs can also be done first browse and then watch, this innovation is really great. "It is worth mentioning that Haier TV, in addition to subversion of the traditional viewing experience, but also first put forward the concept of" social television, so that users at the same time to watch, and friends real-time interaction. The intelligent experience of TV is also upgraded from "Smart on TV" to "Smart for TV", and the visual interactive experience of Haier TV, which brings the Internet experience to Intelligent TV, provides a new inspiration for the intelligent development of the whole TV industry. From 4K Ultra High definition, then to OLED panel, the nature of the return screen of the intelligent TV industry is beyond doubt. Domestic brands in technological innovation seems to be more than foreign brands to understand the mind of the consumer market. As China's most representative home appliance brand, Haier TV "to bring users a new life experience", at the IFA show all-out attack, with a very disruptive innovative products and humanized Intelligent control experience, to the world to show the strong potential of China's brand.
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