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DoNews May 20 (Reporter Xue Fei) Tonight, the hammer technology launched by Luo Yonghao officially released its first smart phone Smartisan T1, the product is divided into 3G / 4G version, the 3G version of hammer cell phone 16GB price of 3,000 yuan, 32GB Price 3150 yuan, booked tonight, shipped in July.

Appearance, Smartisan T1 uses a symmetrical design aesthetics, the front and back of the fuselage are used Corning third-generation gorilla glass, covering an area of ​​83.8%. The bottom of the fuselage screen designed three physical buttons, followed by the menu button, Home button and the return key. At the same time around the fuselage were designed two buttons, you can set the left side of the volume button, the right side of the brightness adjustment button, the same can be swapped around.

Hardware specifications, SmartISan T1 with 4.95-inch 1920 × 1080 pixel JDI screen (445PPI), powered by Qualcomm Xiaolong 801 (MSM8274AC) quad-core processor, clocked at 2.5GHz and with 2GB of memory.

Lens, the Smartisan T1 equipped with 12.7 million pixels Sony second-generation stacked lens, and uses Japan's Fujitsu Milbeaut Mobile imaging solutions. Smartisan T1 can hold down the right and left volume keys and brightness adjustment key to start the camera and focus, release the button to complete the photo.

In terms of sound quality, the Smartisan T1 is equipped with a Texas Instruments enthusiast op amp IC chip and subjectively tuned by a senior electronics and acoustics engineer from Motorola as well as a gold medalist. It is comparable to smart phones that currently support HiFi sound quality.

Smartisan T1 pre-installed Smartisan 1.0 system, you can customize the theme, but does not support the replacement wallpaper. Which built more than 150 new features, including convenient 9 to 81 Gong grid interface, SMS pop, long Weibo functions.

At the same time, Smartisan T1 with a variety of different colors back clip battery, can enhance the use of mobile phones.

Hammer smart phones will also be released 4G version, 16GB version of 3500 yuan, 32GB version of 3650 yuan, Luo Yonghao promised to be listed at the end. (Finish)

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