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Ancient cloud: Know to win, choose to do a wealth. It illustrates the importance of location, which is a more important way of doing business. The 4P model (product, price, location, promotion) proposed by Professor McCarthy, a modern marketing master, tells us that the product is the first element of marketing, without products or services, it cannot constitute marketing and thus cannot be profitable. Has the quality product or the service and the accurate price localization is the enterprise foothold the prerequisite, but if does not choose the suitable place, it is difficult to form the marketing. The so-called marketing, as the name implies that operation and sales, products to put into operation, so that consumers are familiar with the Enterprise VI image and product use and value, such as to identify the purchasing power, this is the marketing. Marketing needs to participate in the market, so it is called marketing. Although the Ancients said "The wine is not afraid of the alley deep", if the commodity is very outstanding, do not worry about selling, but back to today's market economy, this quote has been completely overturned. Why? Please listen to the writer.

In today's MKT, the market for any traditional industry is almost saturated, competitors such as clouds, have tended to white-hot, and even produced a partial vicious competition, we jointly compete for a place in the market economy, big dozen resources wars, price wars, a number of new enterprises a day and a batch, and tomorrow also fell a group after another, extremely tragic. For the new traditional industry, there is not enough money, no broad market, no brand competitiveness, survival is difficult to continue, if you wait for customers, is to die. They want to reverse this situation, in addition to positioning good products and markets, but also need to take the initiative to reach the customer base. As much as possible to get the target customer base from where? This requires accurate promotion channels.

We can simply miniature business as a shop. Put a shop in a Shenxiang, if it is to do special snacks, taste very unique, distinctive, slowly have a certain reputation, but also can absorb some of the customers around earshot stop, but even if the business is not a good one. If it is to do other fashion industry, almost no customers patronize. On the contrary, we choose the shop in a crowded street streets, whether it is to sell any goods, even if the shop decoration is very general, every day there will be business transactions. Because every day there is a fixed flow of people, see more people, the turnover rate will be higher. In addition to the continuous improvement of products and services, the marketing effect will be more and more good. Instead of being myself, I would rather have a shabby shop in the downtown than open a magnificent department store in a Shenxiang. This is the importance of the place in marketing.

Analogy to network promotion, but also the same. The website is like a shop, the website content or the soft article is equivalent the product, the promotion channel and the platform may consider the shop place. Website promotion of the core elements of only two points: content and links, the best of their own site to pass the new things to the customer base, let them see, generate demand, the formation of purchasing power, so as to form network marketing. A good content if no promotion, no one to see, then worthless. Therefore, the value of the content depends on the launch of a good promotion platform. The higher the traffic on the promotion platform, the more readers will click and browse the article, the higher the potential purchasing power will be generated. From this, you can understand deeply, network promotion and entity shop completely expatiating. In fact, from the point of view of the big concept of marketing, they are actually a family.

Today, Fuzhou SEO also started a business, the first taste of its bitter, deep experience. But in any case, you have to stick to it. Since I chose the internet industry this way, I will unswervingly go down and walk it well. Tiandaochouqin, success is to boil out, no one can casually succeed. Walk over, the front is a piece of sky! I often use this encourage, do the website is also so, I hope everyone can adhere to their own beliefs, the Internet cause to do a good job!

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