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Wanda Group yesterday announced Wang Jianlin, chairman of the board personally wrote six months work report: holding 460 billion yuan of assets, Wang Jianlin is a big chess game.

Wang Jianlin is absolutely true love for the "electricity supplier", will jointly establish a joint venture with several of the largest electricity suppliers in China, and will participate in these electricity supplier companies with an initial investment of 5 billion yuan. Involved in finance is Wang Jianlin long-term plan, the second half is about to set up Wanda Financial Group. For Wanda, Wang Jianlin position will continue to impact IP O, and strive to push 1 to 2 major companies listed this year.

1, electricity supplier

The first phase of investment 5 billion, Jingdong or partners

Wanda Ecommerce which to sing what game? In this regard, Wang Jianlin's statement is that next will be the joint establishment of China's largest number of electricity suppliers to set up Wanda, the first phase of investment 5 billion yuan, and stressed that there are already enterprises willing to invest. In the report, Wang Jianlin revealed that the core business of Wanda E-commerce is to find a profit model in about three years.

In the end Wang Jianlin mentioned electricity supplier "partner" Who is it? South reporter learned that this "small partner" candidate, it is likely to be "Jingdong."

Wanda to Southern reporter's reply is that talked about cooperation with the Jingdong thing, follow-up there will be room for further cooperation. Wanda will surely look for businesses to participate in shares, there are already several identified to cooperate, but the list of partners has not yet announced.

The Jingdong reply is quite "ambiguous." "Wanda and suggestions to confirm, after all, Wanda is the party that releases the news, Wanda requires everyone's information is synchronized."

In May this year, Wanda Electronics announced a series of cooperation activities with Jingdong. At that time, Jingdong insiders introduced cooperation between the two sides is mainly the joint marketing, membership get through, points open up, data sharing in four areas. In addition, the two sides also intend to try to promote the integration of online and offline resources in the supply chain docking. The two sides will also explore other modes of cooperation including in-store model and multi-channel operation.

"Online and offline", "in-store model" and "multi-channel operation". This type of description does not coincide with Wang Jianlin's goal of "talking about Wanda e-commerce, immediately thinking of being real O 2O" Together

Why Jingdong is most likely to be selected? Analysys International analyst Zhuo 赛 Jun told reporters to the South are, first, Jingdong and Wanda's values ​​are similar on the e-commerce; second, Lynx has chosen Intime, Jingdong is the best choice for online resources; Third, Wanda do electricity supplier is also prepared to build a relatively high-end platform, compared to Dangdang, Amazon, etc., "cooperation with the Beijing-East, in many ways, is the most appropriate choice."

O2O can save the traditional department store has been a hot topic in the traditional industries. Since last year, Yintai and Ali first joined hands and explored a new model for O 2O. This year there are also small-scale trials of WeChat and top-notch products. Insiders told reporters in the south, Ali and Intime is to create an O 2O field open platform to fully open membership system, payment system, the docking of commodity systems to establish a set of online and offline business through a basic system, and then to the whole Social openness "Wanda to go should be a similar route."

2, finance

The third quarter of the establishment of financial groups

"Wanda has long been involved in the financial planning, the establishment of financial groups Wanda to achieve the requirements of a new transformation, but also create a new pillar industry Wanda new profit growth point." Wang Jianlin said in the report.

The report shows that Wanda plans to register Wanda Financial Group in the third quarter of this year. In the future, Wanda will be held by the financial holding company in all its holding, shareholding and financial investments. Wanda plans to create new pillar industries and new profit growth points through the financial industry.

To this end, Wanda has incorporated a billion-level investment company, is declaring the establishment of a registered capital of 300 billion in financial companies, also plans to invest in other financial sectors. Starting from the second half of this year, Wanda will expand its financial business step by step and invest in various financial sectors, after Wanda has already made some financial preparations.

"Whether or not we can improve the financial industry is not the key issue for approval, not for funding, but for talent," Wang Jianlin said. Although Wanda has yet to disclose by whom to manipulate Wanda Finance, but after the industry broke, the former China Construction Bank Investment Banking Director Wang Guiyao and general manager of investment banking Wanda Group senior vice president. Wang Jianlin subsequently disclosed in the list of members of the formation of the promotion of listed companies, the deputy head of Wang Guia. Therefore, the industry speculation is likely to be experienced by the financial industry Wang Guiya trader financial group.

3, IPO

Strive for 1 to 2 major companies listed

Wanda listing plan also received the attention of many people in the industry, the strength of commercial real estate is still the most likely to impact the listing of the main.

Wanda Group in the first half of 9.27 billion yuan of revenue, commercial real estate reached 66.85 billion yuan, is still the number one pillar industry in Wanda. From Wanda's overseas mergers and acquisitions point of view, commercial building mergers and acquisitions is still "the highlight." For example, in the first half of this year, Wanda acquired the landmark of Madrid, the Spanish Tower, and also acquired landmark landmarks in the heart of Chicago, planning to name Wanda Tower. Many people in the industry speculate that Wanda commercial real estate is likely to be pushed. In this regard, Wanda responsible person told reporters on the South, everything is still planned, yet to be disclosed.

Wang Jianlin said frankly that Wanda now has two overseas listed companies but none of them are major Wanda companies. Therefore, this year's goal is to push 1-2 major companies to go public. In order to achieve this goal, Wanda will set up a special internal organization, in addition to the above-mentioned Wang Guiya as deputy leader, senior vice president Ding Benxi as leader, commercial real estate, Qi sector, C FO Zhang Lin as a member.

"Wanda is deeply rooted in commercial real estate and has been seeking listings for years. It may look for breakthroughs in various ways such as backdoor borrowing. In the future, Wanda will not rule out a series of major moves." Zhu Lingbo, director of Commercial Real Estate Specialist Federation of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, told reporters in the south .

For the listing speculation, a real estate research institute researcher Yan Yue Jin told reporters Southern told reporters that overseas capital markets, including Hong Kong's corporate evaluation system and domestic different, the majority of the registration system has taken the practice, in fact, the strength of the Wanda hinder less , So the next choice Wanda listed overseas is very likely.

All data as of June 30, 2014

Nandu Cartography: He Xin

Southern Reporter Xie Rui Chen Linlin intern Chen Zijun

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