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Panoramic network September 20 hang Teeth forward (601177) The announcement of the Monday evening, the company's initial public offering a share price range of 7.80 yuan/share-8.29 yuan/share.  The unit will be implemented on September 27, 2010 online purchase, the purchase price of 8.29 yuan/share. The issue of the use of the network to the request for inquiry to the object of the allocation and online funds to purchase and distribute the way the combination.  The number of shares issued no more than 101 million shares, of which, under the network issued a number of not more than 20.2 million shares, accounting for the issue of the number of 20%, online funds to purchase a portion of not more than 80.8 million shares, accounting for the number of the issue of 80%. The issue price range of 7.80 yuan/share-8.29 yuan/share (including the upper and lower limits), the corresponding P/e ratio is 41.27 times times 43.86 times times. As a result of the online distribution of the issue price has not been determined, participate in the online funds to purchase investors in accordance with the issue price interval limit (8.29 yuan/share) for the purchase.  If the final issue price is lower than the price range limit, the difference will be on September 30, 2010 (T+3 Day) and the unsuccessful online purchase to return to the online purchase of investors. The online purchase time is September 27 from 9:30 to 11:30,13:00 to 15:00. The purchase is referred to as "hang tooth purchase"; The requisition code is "780177".  The online distribution, to participate in the purchase of each purchase unit for 1000 shares, a single securities account of the number of commissioned subscriptions shall not be less than 1000 shares, more than 1000 shares must be 1000 shares of the integer times, but the maximum should not exceed 80,000 shares. Hangzhou Forward Gear Box Group Co., Ltd. is a professional production of various types of gear transmission equipment of large enterprises, the current production and sale of the main products are: Marine gear box and adjustable propeller, engineering machinery gearbox and drive sedan, automotive transmission and special vehicle transmission, industrial gearbox, wind power growth box, agricultural machinery gearbox,  Friction materials and friction plates and large precision gears, such as the top ten categories of thousands of products. The issuance of funds will be directed to the following four projects: annual output of 100 sets of advanced marine propulsion system and 800 high-precision marine gearbox capacity Expansion project, an annual output of 12,000 electro-hydraulic control engineering machinery transmission Capacity Expansion project, annual output of 2000 sets of wind power growth box key parts capacity Expansion project, Heavy and special vehicle automatic transmission technology research and development projects, the total investment of 740 million yuan. (Panoramic net/thunder)
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