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Recently, a new romance encounter between Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province was remembered by many people and led to the emulation of young men and women of local companies. According to an actress released a diary in a popular forum in Hangzhou, said two months ago through their own Yi Xun "fight car family" function to understand and successfully hand their own other half. The number of journalists viewing the diary has reached more than a thousand articles. Netizen "black currant" exclaimed, the original Yi Xinshi "carpool" there Matchmaker feature, ah, is really essential travel friends and family travel artifact!

According to Yi Xin official revealed the information shows that after the release of the post, Hangzhou, the number of users of "easy car race" has been significantly active and growth. For YiXin "carpool" spell out love, YiXin staff believe that YiXin aims to help people to establish better communication and communication, this "just use YiXin communication bring a special scene application" .

According to posting actress diligently described, a month ago she was in the use of letters and friends chatting accidentally found Eason carpooling function, and soon got a response from an engineer named Lolo, the two together to ride a car to and from get off work. Due to age, personality, similar interests, the two daily commute to work almost nothing to say. As car sharing deepened, the two gradually exchanged their feelings and enjoyed each other. A month after carpooling, Lollo released a carefully-crafted, exclusive expression with Xixin Carpool, finally moving the heroine and the two went hand in hand.

Netizen "fermented milk," quipped: on the easy letter, looking for true love! Easy letter carpool seems to be robbed century career edge ah! Carpool process, itself is a good phase, you can test each other's Sincerity and fit or not, from this perspective, the function of the carpool loyalty is a natural love breeding ah.

It is understood that the original intention of the "car race family" is to meet the social needs of car users Ericsson has just launched an innovative service, in all social tools products is the first case, so that carpool demand users to easily and easily through the letter Find owners and passengers and build relationships and communication well.

The function of Xixi carpool began testing from Hangzhou, and then gradually expanded to users across the country, both achieved good user feedback and support. Since the launch of the product, the accumulated number of users has exceeded 1 million in a month. Nearly 3000 carpool routes are released on a single day. The mileage can be linked up to 7 laps around the earth, effectively driving the demand for the use of the product.

Easy to use Xixi carpool feature is also very simple to use, in the easy letter "carpool", the user can view "nearby owners" or "nearby passengers" information. In the car information release, the system will appear "I have a car, willing to bring people a way" and "I do not have a car, hoping to find someone with me" two options. Users enter the destination, time and other basic information, you can release carpool.

As a great social vehicle, carpooling is just a test of carpooling scenarios with Ericsson's social functions. In the future, EasyPhone will launch more social functions based on various application scenarios to fully serve the communication and communication needs of people.

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