Hangzhou Yunqi Conference set sail in October, there is one of the most complete conference spoilers

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On October 11-14, the four-day 2017 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference will once again set sail in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou. As one of the most influential technology exhibitions in the world, this conference not only has Ali Group experts and various enterprise industries. The wonderful speech of the leader, many black technology will also be collectively unveiled.

Last year's Hangzhou Yunqi Conference attracted 40,000 industry pioneers from 58 countries and regions around the world. More than 9 million people watched the live broadcast of the conference online, setting a record for the technology conference. The conference will be larger and the content will be more abundant: there are 3 main forums, 22 frontier summits, 100+ field forums, 400+ technology enterprise exhibitions, and three days of music festivals and Yunqi running will be held in the same period. It is expected that the number of participants will exceed 40,000! There is no doubt that this will be a feast for the tech world.

2 main forums perfectly interpret "technical empowerment"

2 main forums, what kind of insights will the elites of various industries bring?

Last year, Ma Yun, Chairman of Alibaba Group's Board of Directors, first proposed the “five new” concept at the Yunqi Conference: new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technologies and new energy. On the basis of the "five new" concept, in March of this year, Alibaba disclosed that it is promoting the "NASA" program internally, and established a new team for core technologies such as machine learning, chips, IoT, operating system and biometrics. , mechanisms and methods to seek a missile-style breakthrough.

In the two main forums, Alibaba will showcase the latest technological achievements. Around the new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, internet of things and artificial intelligence, Alibaba will also discuss the way of enterprise innovation with ecological partners.

The two main forums were held on the morning of 11 am and the morning of the 12th. The most popular one was undoubtedly the main forum on the morning of the first day. At that time, Gerry Pennell, the chief information officer of the International Olympic Committee, will come to the scene and deliver a keynote speech entitled "The Olympic Games for a hundred years, and the wind will rise from the cloud". It is expected that Gerry Pennel will also announce more details about the cooperation between Alibaba and the International Olympic Committee. It is worth noting that three heavy news will be announced on the morning of the 11th, so stay tuned!

On the morning of the 12th, the main forum gave a comprehensive display of Ali's new technology strategy and layout, including hot topics such as artificial intelligence, chips and security, which can be described as full of dry goods.

22 front-end summits show the Alibaba Cloud computing ecology in multiple dimensions.

The 22 summits will run through the four-day agenda of the conference. The summit will showcase the dry goods sharing brought by Ali, Ant Financial and various industry ecological partners in more dimensions. Some of the summits are as follows:

Aliyun Ecological Summit

Ant Financial Service Partner Summit

Ant Technology Ecology Conference

Aliyun Smart Enterprise Office Summit

Alibaba Cloud Financial Summit

Alibaba Cloud Data Intelligence Summit

Visual Cloud Computing Ecology Summit

New Retail Summit

Enterprise Internet Transformation Summit

Security summit

Alibaba Open Source Technology Summit

Smart City Summit, etc.


For example, the Ant Technology Ecology Conference on the afternoon of the 11th is an annual technical event of Ant Financial. The forum will welcome a number of heavyweight guests, Ant Jinding CEO Jing Xiandong, Ant Financial Service CTO Lu Su and IFC Vice President Industry leaders such as Hua Jingdong will share on the same stage

Technology has enabled the forefront of the financial industry.

At the Alibaba Cloud Ecology Summit, Alibaba Cloud will discuss with the ecological big coffee how to bring dividends to users? How do partners in the eco-chain help each other in the ecology? What are the milestones and new nodes of Alibaba Cloud Ecology? What are the resources, strategies and cooperation cases in the ecology? The summit's guest lineup is equally luxurious. The senior vice president of Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud President Hu Xiaoming, Alibaba Cloud Vice President Zhou Jingren, Aliyun Artificial Intelligence Scientist Wan Wanli, SalesForce VP and Siemens Asia Pacific VP will give keynote speeches.

100+ field sub-forum to fully interpret cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence technology

If you are an avid technology enthusiast and are not satisfied with spiritual food, then the 100+ field technology and industry forum will not be missed.

Technology is borderless, and the conference sub-forum covers topics ranging from cloud computing to big data to artificial intelligence, basic technologies such as elastic computing, enterprise cloud storage, and database, as well as data intelligence, quantum computing, heterogeneous computing/high performance computing, and intelligence. Voice interaction, visual processing, and more.

More importantly, you can communicate with the technical experts in various fields on the spot. Perhaps the inspiration comes up in the process of colliding with the expert thinking. Such an opportunity can be met.

About tickets

2017 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference Tickets are divided into four categories: A, Participant B, ATEC and VIP. There are currently four types of ATEC tickets and VIP tickets. Of course, other tickets can still be purchased before September 1st. For the price and specific price, please refer to the official website of Yunqi Conference. The deadline for registration is September 30th.

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