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Ten years ago, he came to Guangzhou with 100 yuan, a small amount of baggage and cavity enthusiasm. Everything seemed to be the fate of the arrangement, he would like to go back in Changsha to take the luggage home. But arrived at the railway station to know that the ticket to Changsha is gone.  He therefore from the hand of a scalper to 10 yuan to buy the original 66 Yuan ticket ———— from Yueyang to Guangzhou. The temporary overtime bus arrived in Guangzhou after 16 hours of driving. He quickly found a job in technology development for his livelihood. I thought I could catch my breath for a while, but after one months of work, the company's boss went to the US to study for an MBA, and he and another colleague lost his financial resources and had to start a tough business.  In the absence of funds, contacts, do not understand the market trend of the conditions, a patchwork borrowed 8000 yuan. At that time, they used the office computer is second-hand, software is their own development, in such a difficult condition to design the company's first big stickers. They put the prototype to the supermarket trial, a person as a salesperson, a person out of business. Three months after the first customer and the first payment, also produced the first equipment. Soon after, they had their own 30-square office, and two sets of office chairs and a sofa were all possessions.  Sofa Day to the customer sit, evening is his bed. Half a year, he was thin from the big lad of 140 pounds to only 90 pounds. The first year of entrepreneurship also finally Amoy to the life of the first bucket of gold-100,000 yuan. However, due to lack of experience, to the customer when the delivery of the insurance, the goods were lost after the logistics company only paid the freight.  The hardships of the initial stage of entrepreneurship and not easily visible. A year later, because of disagreement with the partners, had to split. At that time he had to take care of the baby's family, but also for the cause to fight, two years later he set up the Canton City Chuang Shuo Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (www.kupaitianxia.com), by virtue of the experience of the previous fight, the entrepreneurial less to go a lot of detours.  A branch office was opened in less than a year. The days are unpredictable, the cause has just stabilized, his mother has cancer. During his home care, the restaurant he invested in had a heavy loss of fire. Then he was ill again. This series of disasters has poured out his wealth, and everything has to start again.  Perhaps the sharpening of God has been enough, since then his office has grown, the staff has increased, the performance also from 100,000 year to 10 million more than a year, office from 30 Square to 600 square, a small change in one year, three years a big change. Chuang Shuo has always adhered to people-oriented, market-oriented to research and development as a leader, the quality of products as the company's life. The company pays special attention to the development of new products. Chuang Shuo has two national registered trademarks, a number of national patents. Starting in 2008, the company began to organize the development of 3D stunt photography products for the studio market, after two years of hard work, 2010 a year of new 3D photographic products, new products to consumers to bring a subversive experience, change the traditional image production and management methods. Chuang Shuo Company's brand new cool shotThe world began to face the national investment, Cool beat the world to absolute market advantages, occupy the forefront of similar products in the country. First, it is good to play, guests can automate photography. Second: The visualization is the shot, third: Can do a lot of personalized projects; four: investment only one-tenth of ordinary photography shop, the risk is small. V: The project's prospects are wide and timeless.  Sixth: The market is large, with the popularization of digital cameras, the digital image market will be further expanded; With the pace of people's life accelerated, digital image market increasingly convenient and fast; With the change of people's concept of photography, the digital Image market has become more personalized and upscale. With the rising income, more and more people go out to travel, photo-taking is an essential part of tourism. Each year with 30 billion of the tourism market, 3D photos, fashion, change, personality, become the modern tourism consumers of the choice of 2010 new listing, has been the customer's consistent high praise. In the process of entrepreneurship, he finally touched the market dynamics, mastered the market opportunities. The constant increase in wealth and accumulation, and did not let him stagnant pace, all the money into the production and technology research and development.  He has been working as a lifelong career to do, until the end cavity enthusiasm has not diminished. Guangzhou Digital Technology Co., Ltd. can have today's results, are step-by-step through setbacks and honed out of. Steady pace, determines the stability of the enterprise and unlimited possibilities, but also laid the enterprise to become the leader of the domestic industry. Believe that the Canton Chong Shuo Digital Co., Ltd. under the leadership of strict overall, will continue to thrive, leading the industry progress, for the industry to make greater contributions to technological breakthroughs.
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