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Brothers have recently been busy with the record of things, I have been no mood, the site has not been on the record has been put there, because it has not much confidence. Today, I feel like a new life, because my small station finally to PR5.

Last November, the application of the domain name, and then upload the program, every day non-stop updates, (in fact, is collected). Not how to promote to the end of the PR big update when unexpectedly miraculous more than 40 days of the new station PR Hu Shen to 5, really let a lot of people depressed a. There are more than n people tell me your PR can not be, the next update will certainly fall. I rookie one, at that time a bit panicked God, hurriedly in webmaster net hair posts to be shot. 600 yuan, not two days to talk about the price, and then the flying Fish brother, the intermediary, unfortunately, the domain name registrars did not choose, because do not know, casually selected a domain in that register, did not think that the transfer is very troublesome, made more than half of the month finally made almost, registered Shang told me that the new domain name registration within 2 months can not transfer, I that depressed ah, we have been waiting for half a month to this result, the buyer is very angry, the transaction fell through.

And then through the sale of links to earn a small hundreds of dollars, but not a few days nightmare on the first lunar New Year space Business Server problems, the site can not open a few days, finally good and the whole vulgar, put me off the stand. I faint, my webmaster station and vulgar dip what side ah, a ask, did not record!! Khan one. To apply for a record, it takes more than 20 days to pass Ah, one want to close the station for more than 20 days that is not what is over AH. Got a free space to get the site up again, but free space has ads, the afternoon hunting network data boss to sponsor my space, I put the data moved past, the result is not three days, PR from 5 to 0, I that annoying ah, must be the recent Web site shut off Open, open switch off, a few days and changed a few space several IP caused, Recently has been discouraged, not how to manage the site. Heard that the PR two or three-month update, today, March 1, surprised to find my station PR restored to 5, and I checked another station also rose to 3, oh, the heart that beautiful Ah! Webmaster Network to send an article to share, we also see their own station PR there is no update ah, hey My qq:83370181 did not pass the audit words trouble edit notice, although said is stationmaster net loyal member, but after all is the first time publishes the article, certainly has the bad place!

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