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The rosy vision of cloud computing is attracting worldwide attention, and almost all it vendors are cloud. Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), a veteran high-end storage vendor, is no exception, with the November 2 opening of a technology summit on the theme "Cloud of data". At the meeting, HDS released its distinctive cloud strategic vision, which also released three cloud computing services, the infrastructure cloud, the content cloud, and the information cloud.

Longer than high-end, HDS is the biggest feature, since the mainframe era, HDS company focused on storage services, providing mainframe-based storage solutions. Since the X86 architecture release, and the rapid strategic server market, HDS also provides support based on X86 architecture, in the storage market is not moving, sales performance. In this era of cloud computing, HDS reacted quickly, releasing a unique cloud strategy and cloud services this year after it released its converged data center strategy last year. So where is the future where HDS will point the sword? IT168 reporter specifically interviewed Hitachi Data system files, content and cloud computing Solutions Product Marketing Director License Madam, she has us all.

Hitachi Data System documentation, content and cloud computing Solutions Product Marketing Director License Ms.

In most people's minds, HDS appears to be a hardware vendor, but according to Ms. License, services and software are increasing in HDS's business ratio, which is growing much more rapidly than HDS's hardware business. In the future, HDS is bound to move toward solution-oriented it vendors.

In fact, today's HDS is already transforming into a converged solution provider that provides not only hardware but a holistic solution that includes software, services, unstructured data processing, and intelligent analytics. For instance, the content cloud and information cloud presented by this conference is a complete solution. Ms. License said that from the traditional data center to the information centre in the transition process, not only the hardware, but also the software, services and other intelligent technology tools, and HDS is continuing to move towards this goal.

Ms. License says there is a hot topic in the industry right now, and that's big data. How to analyze these large data, turn it into knowledge, become insight, become information, this is actually the process of informatization. Although the formulation is different, it is to release the core value of large data, including unstructured data, enterprises can transform IT department from a cost center into a strategic resource, to help enterprises make better decisions. This is actually the real meaning of the information center.

Since the release of the converged data center last year, HDS has been committed to this development, the three-step cloud strategy proposed this year is actually our three processes for the enterprise to the Information Center, the enterprise can according to its own actual situation to the infrastructure cloud, content cloud or information cloud transformation.

Of course, the HDS family alone is impossible, in fact, HDS has been very active in the past two years. Last year, the Fusion data center was released, and up to now, a total of three companies with large data, cloud-related. such as the acquisition of BlueArc company, according to Ms. License, HDS and BlueArc company has a very long time OEM cooperation, so that the two products have good compatibility. By acquiring BlueArc companies, they can better integrate their technology into HDS's products and drive HDS's cloud strategy process. From the cloud services released by HDS Company, the core technology in the transition from an infrastructure cloud to content cloud is data intelligence, and BlueArc's technology will play a vital role in this area.

Of course, BlueArc technology is not just for cloud computing, but also for traditional storage systems. Ms. License is quite certain that in the future, BlueArc will inevitably be combined with HDS's storage system. But it did not disclose a specific timetable.

Similarly, HDS has acquired another well-known company, in addition to its acquisition of BlueArc, Parascale. Ms. License says the big data-processing area is now more widely recognized as Hadoop, while Parascale's technology helps Hadoop handle large numbers more efficiently. The acquisition will enhance HDS's core competitiveness in large data processing.

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