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How to differentiate Search rankings optimization and search engine marketing, only network marketing, these titles although often used interchangeably, there is a huge difference, Henan seo think he is just two kinds of call, network marketing is a very broad concept, and can be used to describe the various aspects of the site marketing methods, Because it relates to search engine and search engine optimization, is a basic search engine marketing.

The search engine optimization mainly includes the rich content and the different kind of link which matches with the core keyword, but the website marketing form must be much more extensive.

A paid catalogue is a form of network marketing. It refers to the payment category or search engine, immediately join the site's database, rather than design the site, naturally attract search engine of the robot's index, it allows you to skip the collection or even quickly get the weight of the site to score a step. This approach as a necessary choice for its promotional customer sites, however, an excellent SEO optimization service provider to provide Web site optimization services can make your site weight gain as fast and more stable.

Bidding ranking another network marketing approach, involving the emergence of advertising in the search engine results page. These bidding ads are usually based on the keywords shown by the user input search engines, bear the number of clicks and bid amount of the high and low consumption, display or appear ads.

Each Pay-per-click Advertisement is also a common SEM strategy. You will be fully in control of your campaign selection of keywords to trigger the display of ads, copy the product keywords you want to select and the strict daily budget amount. You can even choose your area target audience when you want to display ads. You just have to pay when someone clicks on the ad and then jumps to your site.

There is economic strength, you want to improve your reputation on the network and generate sales, you will be successful, but without solid SEO optimization services, will not be able to benefit from it more. Website is difficult to search by the effective customer to browse.

Therefore, Henan website optimization that the primary goal should be SEO site optimization, to create a search engine and user-friendly site and let it appear in the forefront of search, to be sure, SEO optimization is the first choice, but also essential!

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