"Hero Lian" chief designer killed in a car accident family survived

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Brian R. Wood, a former hero company designer and chief architect of hero company Ol, died in a car accident on Highway 20th north of Seattle in Friday.  Wood from Vancouver, who was driving normally, had a head-on collision with the vehicle across the midline, Wood was not spared, and his wife, who had been six months pregnant with him, was lucky enough to survive, and after the hospital, the situation tended to stabilize, and the mother and son had no life risk. The vehicle was driven by two local women, 21-year-old Jordyn Weichert (driver) and 22-Year-old Samantha Bowling (Vice-chair).  It was said that Weichert was preparing a hair removal (or coat), the steering wheel to bowling control, the result of the vehicle ran, two women under the direction of the heavy drive to drive out of line and the car out of line and against the coming wood cars crashed violently.  The whole car crashed into scrap metal. In addition to the two female drivers, the car was sitting in the backseat of a pair of brothers, the two men four years ago because of the courage to save the drowning baby boarded the local newspaper headlines, but failed to survive the accident.  The two young women who were involved in the accident are still in hospital and police say they will face three counts of death from a traffic accident and have been arrested as soon as they leave the hospital.  Brian R. Wood, who died in the accident, became a designer when the original "hero" was sold to the "Hero Lian: Resistance Front" released at the time has been promoted to the chief designer, and later more responsible for the "hero Lian: Courage Legends" and "Hero even ol" development work, the series is the core members of the development team. Brian R. Wood Relic and the COH community have gathered to mourn the untimely death of wood and to wish his wife and unborn child to survive. Some investigators claim that wood adjusted the front of the car in the instant of the collision, making the original right impact straight towards himself to save his wife and the child in her belly.
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