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Following the successful launch of the "heroic sons and daughters-heroic culture of the whole value chain project" Start the conference, the project execution side of the West Cypress Hero Children (ping) Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd. in the community's strong support has started more than 10 series of projects. Recently, "Heroic children's project" Once again made a breakthrough progress. July 20, the heroes and Sons of the company and the Taiwan Guangcai Association and the Taiwan Celebrity Yi and his team tripartite and signed the joint establishment of "Heroes and Sons of a pro-cultural industry fund", and jointly implement the operation of the stage drama "The Heroic children of Taiwan" and other projects of cooperation agreement. Activity scene left one: Executive director of Taiwan Guangcai Association: Shu Junhong, left two: chairman of the Board of China Banner Cultural Industry Group: Jianguo; the executive director of Beijing Ying Ji Qiang Culture Development Co., Ltd., the chief producer of "Hometown Xiamen": Zhang Juan; Right two: Taiwan famous cultural scholar (postdoctoral Fellow of Cornell University): Yi The signing ceremony, as the "heroic Children's Project" founder, the general executive of the project, Mr. Jianguo, on behalf of the Project implementation unit West Cypress hero Sons and Daughters (ping) Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd. first introduced the heroic children of the origin and conception of the project. He said that the hero culture is our national gene, has a wide range of promotional significance and value. Heroic culture is a culture worthy of the Chinese nation's eternal memory and great efforts. Heroes and Sons and daughters are all Chinese nationalities agree unanimously, common acceptance of the concept. But for more than thousands of years, the hero culture can be said to be everyone's heart, but everyone has no heart. Why? Because we didn't integrate this powerful mental gene into our lifestyle. The goal of "hero and Son project" is to make the heroic culture become the national life style by refining, excavating, integrating, using a series of visual art works and cultural tourism projects, and making Heroes a hero from everyone. Jianguo finally excitedly said, "Now this positioning has been widely recognized by the community." "In particular, it is mentioned that as many as 17 cities and municipalities have already issued invitations to the engineering parties to carry out heroic projects in the region, and the signing of the contract with Taiwan is another landmark breakthrough." By the tripartite establishment of "Heroes and Sons and daughters of a pro-cultural industry fund," can be said to be ripe. Since the operation of the project of the heroic sons and daughters, Mr Yi, a prominent Taiwanese commentator and former legislator of the Kuomintang, has been concerned and supported by many Parties. The Taiwan Guangcai Association has also been a great cooperative vision for the heroic Children project. It is reported that the three sides of the joint establishment of "Heroes and Sons and daughters of a pro-cultural industry fund" is still not divorced from the inheritance of heroic righteousness, carry forward the heroic spirit, cast the heroic culture, but also focused on, with the same ancestor's heroic culture, condensation Taiwan Chinese blood family. Three parties to the "hero and his children on both sides of a pro" cultural industry funds as a platform for the "Heroes and Sons" series of movies, TV dramas, anime, online games, stage drama and other projects to integrate resources, together for the Taiwan hero Cultural cause and blood family to do their own efforts. This is a confirmation of Jianguo DongThe story of "The Hero of the Independent, geographical points," and further explained that the heroic children, is indeed the most vivid concept of heroic culture, is the world's Chinese are common acceptance, identity of the concept of symbols, has a strong appeal, influence. "The heroic culture, as an agreed culture between the two sides, is a much-needed positive energy in today's era," said Mr Shu Junhong, executive director of the Taiwan Guangcai Association, who signed up for the signing. Today, based on the common values, the heroic view of our three sides together, I believe that our cooperation will further promote cross-strait cultural identity, value identity. Therefore, the move was quickly hailed as the opening of a new channel for cross-strait Cultural cooperation, which is an intentional exploration between the two sides with Zu Tongjin counterparts. This time the signing of cooperation, but also Mr. Yi "hometown of Xiamen" film and television drama after the project with the heroic children of the company together, the play reflects the two heroes of Fujian and Taiwan to fight against fierce heroic deeds. Therefore, the two sides jointly promote the "hometown of Xiamen" into the "heroic Children Project", and renamed as "The Hero of the children of the hometown of Xiamen." Talking about why so enthusiastic hero culture, enthusiastic participation in "heroic children project", Mr. Yi concluded: The historical value of heroic culture, political value and commercial value are very prominent. From the historical point of view, whether in the flourishing period or in the decline of the period, we can see that thousands of heroic figures propped up the Chinese nation's years. The history of Chinese 5,000 is the history of heroic culture. The heroic culture is the core of the whole Chinese culture. From the political point of view, the 120 anniversary of the Sino-Japanese War this year, next year is the 70 anniversary of the victory, in the past July 7, is "Seven * seven Marco Bridge incident" 77 years. At this time, Japan lifted the collective self-defense, and to pull Taiwan into the Japan-US defense agreement and so on. In this situation, we must be alert and ready to respond. The first step is to use heroic culture to boost the hearts and minds of both sides. On the other hand, how to achieve a mutual dream between the two sides, how to travel faster and more actively on the road of peaceful development, it must find a common culture on both sides of the strait. The most touching soul is the heroic culture. And in business and industry, but also more significant potential value. To this end, Mr. Yi immediately declared, "very happy and Yan always together to promote the heroic culture, for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation dedicated their own strength." Willing to in the field of heroic culture, with the West Cypress heroes and Sons and daughters of the company to work together. It is reported that the three sides also plan to build a "hero and children cooperation Company" in Taiwan, together to create "heroic cultural heroes and Sons of Taiwan creation base." The first project of the Taiwanese hero and son company is the stage drama "The Heroic sons and daughters of Taiwan article". The drama will focus on both sides of the heroes and Sons and daughters together to combat the Japanese as the theme, emphasis on the performance of "Remember history, the memory of heroes, heritage with the same ancestor of the heroic culture, unswervingly follow the peaceful reunification of the development path" theme. It is understood that this is the stage drama "The Hero of the children of Shanxi", "Heroes and Sons of Xi ' an" and "Heroes and Sons of the young kingTwo small "after signing landing, with" Heroes and Sons "for the general name of the series of the stage of the latest finalized another project, its successful signing also foreshadowed the" Heroic Children Project "will be in the World Chinese circle, in a larger range of hot flashes.
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