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Hewlett-Packard today announced the launch of the HP Helion Alliance, a global, open alliance. The HP Helion Alliance is to provide customers with the best portfolio of service offerings that enable them to build a secure, mixed IT environment that meets local and global needs.

The HP Helion Alliance is built on HP's leading edge in the openstack® distributed cloud computing sector and will provide a unique business and operational model for service providers. It will attract powerful ecosystem partners including independent software vendors, developers, system integrators and value-added resellers, and work together to accelerate innovation and deliver mixed cloud services based on open standards.

The service providers in the HP Helion Alliance will provide the foundation for the service ecosystem. At the same time, the HP Helion Alliance is based on the HP Cloudagile service provider, which covers more than 115 service providers and 1500 private cloud deployments across the globe, and is designed to work together at&t, HKT, Intel and synapsis to promote alliances.

"Global companies are facing the challenges of security, data sovereignty, interoperability and quality of service across a vast cloud of products and services," said Zhang Yongjian, global vice president and cloud computing Division general manager in China. The HP Helion Alliance combines HP's expertise in the operation of large-scale OpenStack technology, as well as the capabilities of joint service providers and technical partners. We will work together to build a joint ecosystem that will allow businesses to place their services on the right platform at the right cost at the right time. ”

The HP Helion Alliance across hardware will provide corporate customers with:

• Open, secure and flexible, mixed IT environments: Avoid vendor lock-in and achieve workload migration between local and remote environments.

• A broader range of enterprise-class cloud services: Network hardening services, including horizontal and vertical applications and secure cloud networks, to enable customers to meet local and cross-border mixed requirements.

• Meeting country-specific data-related regulations: including data sovereignty, retention and protection.

"Our corporate customers are looking for secure cloud solutions for applications that require high-level information protection to benefit from economics, speed and control," said Andrew Geisse, chief executive of At&t Business Solutions in the US. We are delighted to integrate HP Helion with our Netbond patented technology and hope to find a way to further expand these capabilities through the HP Helion Alliance ecosystem. ”

New opportunities for HP Partners

The HP Helion Alliance will better position service providers, HP channel partners and developers to meet the changing needs of enterprise customers through it new forms while gaining a higher share in the rapidly growing cloud market.

Partners will receive:

• Drive new revenue and reduce costs: leverage HP and its partners ' technology and expertise to deliver differentiated cloud products.

• Scalable Cloud services Portfolio: Service providers can sell vertical and horizontal cloud solutions to other HP Helion service providers.

• Coordinate sales and marketing to enhance market coverage and efficiency: including HP training, warranty and listing support through HP's direct channel partners and indirect channel partners such as value-added distributors and distributors.

• Flexible payment structure: optimize it ROI.

Extended HP Helion Product portfolio

The HP Helion Alliance is part of the HP Helion series and services released in May. The new products in the portfolio include:

• HP Helion openstack--Commercial Preview, designed to meet the needs of global business and service providers. It delivers scalable, sophisticated and professional OpenStack technology for commercial-level deployments, simplifying installation, providing flexibility, and improving manageability.

• HP Helion Development Platform-a community preview based on cloudfoundry™ Integrated cloud application platform, fully integrated with HP Helion OpenStack and tested. It enables enterprise developers to quickly develop, deploy, and extend their local cloud applications through top-level development tools and an open interoperability platform.

"The transition to the IT cloud infrastructure is imminent, and Intel is committed to working together to accelerate the spread of cloud solutions," said Jonathan Donaldson, general manager of Intel Corporation's software definition infrastructure group. Intel is pleased to work with HP on HP Helion OpenStack to help companies prepare for the cloud by enhancing usability, security, and ease of deployment. ”


The HP Helion Alliance is expected to launch its pilot program in the fourth quarter of 2014. HP Helion OpenStack and HP Helion development platform are scheduled to be listed in the same period.

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