High-efficient storage office time SME Tower Server recommendation

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"Tenkine Network channel February 12 News" Tower server its entry-level positioning and small structure of the fuselage, so that its deployment does not require a lot of manpower, material and space occupancy. Usually in the room of the cabinet, air-conditioning, KVM and other system modules, for this type of Tower server is completely redundant, it only needs to be similar to Soho office space for the general conditions to be prepared. Its flexible deployment, simple operation characteristics, making its application is most common. Informatization and depth of a higher stage, more is the use of servers for the entire SME business system to support, and to achieve in the era of cloud computing the core competitiveness of the promotion. Small series recommended several suitable for http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/9348.html "> Small Business Server

High cost performance support for Dell T320

As a new generation of towers, Dell T320 on the performance side is based on the latest generation of Intel Xeon E5-2403 products, main clock 1.8GHz, provide 10MB three level cache, quad core four threading technology effectively improve office efficiency. For I/O bandwidth, increase I/O processing capacity of data-intensive tasks through PCIe expansion slots and optional internal GPU acceleration.

Dell PowerEdge 12G T320 (Xeon E5-2403/4gb/500g/dvd)

In memory, the standard 4GB DDR3, built-in 6 memory slots, through the establishment of dual-channel system can support the highest 96GB DDR3 expansion. Storage, support SATA, standard 500GB SATA hard drive, maximum support for 4 3.5-inch cable Connection or 8 block 3.5-inch or 16-inch hard drive, maximum support 24TB hard disk expansion. Hot-swappable, DVD-enabled and dual-port gigabit adapters are also available.

Dell PowerEdge 12G T320 (Xeon E5-2403/4gb/500g/dvd)

T320 's OpenManage Management Suite portfolio is a bright spot for simplifying deployment, updating, monitoring, and maintenance of T320 servers. Especially for small and medium enterprise personnel, easy deployment in an office environment facilitates management and expansion of migration.

Dell PowerEdge 12G T320 (Xeon e5-2403/4gb/500g*2) basic parameters Product Type Tower structure type 5U

Dell PowerEdge 12G T320 (Xeon e5-2403/4gb/500g*2) server | Dell Beijing Tele-Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Tele-Communication Technology Co., Ltd. contact address http://it365.yesky.com/45276/Quote 9700 Contact Hanwei Tel

123456 Next Read full-text page navigation 1. Dell T3202. T4103. Lenovo TS5404. Lenovo T260 G35. Asus TS100-E8-PI46.IBM System x3300 M4 dell PowerEdge 12G T320 (X Eon e5-2403/4gb/500g*2) Product Information Quote Picture Evaluation product model: Tower CPU Type: Intel Xeon e5-2400 Standard memory capacity: 4GB hard Drive Type: SATA standard hard drive Capacity: 1TB Schema type: 5U View more Parameters >> See more Products >> (author: Wang Bixiang Editor: Wang Bixiang)
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