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September 26 ~ 27th, the current Communication exhibition official forum, "ICT China 2011 High-level Forum" successfully convened. The Forum by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the state-funded committee sponsored by the Chinese Association of Communications Enterprises, China Telecom, China Mobile, the Chinese unicom, with the "open cooperation and mutual benefit socialization future" as the theme.

At this forum, representatives from government agencies, three major operators and equipment manufacturers have exchanged analysis on the opportunities and challenges of China's communications industry, and discussed the issues of cloud computing, Internet of Things and mobile web.

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Hequan: Ten years into the post-Moore era

At present, the information and communication technology has entered a turning point, the rise of cloud computing in the network era reflects the desire to have unlimited computing power and unlimited communication locations. As demand for communication bandwidth grows, the forecast will enter the post-Moore era within 10 years. In the post-Moore era, energy efficiency and security are the eternal challenges that have led to a rethink of the next generation of Internet, and the transformation of telecoms operators into integrated services is an indisputable fact.

Under such circumstances, China's ICT industry should develop and popularize Internet technology, accelerate the development of IoT technology, and actively develop and build a new generation of Internet.

"Twelve-Five" points out that 9374.html "> World Economic pattern has changed, new breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation, after the international financial crisis, the industrial competition pattern is in the depth of adjustment, information technology is facing new reforms, each change is also a challenge and opportunity." Historical experience shows that the ability to deal with the success or failure of the country in the strategic period of action, to seize the opportunity to change it technology, enhance independent innovation, to open up a cooperative mentality to meet the new round of challenges.

The chief engineer of Industry and information Technology Wang Xiujun: 2011 The communications industry to apply innovation and popularization of the "Eleven-Five", China's communications industry has achieved a smooth and healthy development: The network infrastructure competitiveness has been upgraded, telecom technology reform to achieve a new breakthrough, the industrialization process significantly accelerated, With the enhancement of network and guarantee capability, the strategic and leading role of communication industry in economic development is increasing, the protection of users ' rights and interests is becoming more perfect, and the information infrastructure has been popularized in urban and rural areas, and the communication industry has made a positive contribution to social development.

This year, the communications industry has accelerated the pace of transformation, the national telecommunications business income growth of 16.1%, of which mobile communications revenue accounted for the main business revenue of 71.9%. As of the end of August this year, the national telephone users have reached 1.28 billion, mobile users have reached 940 million, of which TD users up to 40.32 million households, broadband access to 147 million users.

Currently, the information and communication industry is developing rapidly. With the new technology of cloud computing and IoTThe emergence of the traditional business model has changed, telecom enterprises in the provision of traditional services in the process, is trying to seek value promotion. The transformation of telecom enterprises broadens the space of industry development, brings good development opportunity for information and communication industry, and puts forward new requirements.

This year is the "Twelve-Five" start of the year, the telecommunications industry should focus on service development, to speed up transformation and upgrading as the main line, adhere to the technology business integration and innovation as a major direction, the popularization of the application as a fundamental starting point for the transformation and upgrading.

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