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With the advent of 4G, there are forecasts that the market for mobile gaming will exceed 20 billion yuan this year. The rapid development of the hand-travel market makes the competition between enterprises increasingly white-hot, and from the development of the hand-travel industry, the most valuable content is the quality of copyright. From the second half of last year until now, the Hand tour copyright is crazy upward trend, some high-quality IP (intellectual property rights, Intellectualproperty, refers to the game in the binding characters, backgrounds, stories) copyright resources began to demand, the industry is issued a "No IP not to swim" feeling, and this year is called " The year of mobile phone copyright ", and in the NBA curtain, the World Cup in full swing under the background, and even the hands of enterprises to form an alliance to protect IP rights examples, can be seen now for the hands of enterprises, whether the successful breakthrough in the hands of IP rights will become a major challenge to the manufacturers.

Hand Tour "Don't Rob IP will die"

Domestic hand travel industry at the beginning of the rise, the game of the screen, play, channels are very important, some classic games mostly through word of mouth to spread the word of mouth and far-reaching impact. And with the white-hot market competition, the industry field of more and more games, more sophisticated, more sophisticated channels, transmission and promotion costs are also rising, but the game manufacturers are increasingly difficult to break the siege, at this time, high-quality copyright began to glow their luster.

"Mobile games in order to fit the light players, most of them can not be too complex, so the user is familiar with the subject matter is particularly important." "Game developer Li Jiachong said in an interview with the Southern Daily News, a player familiar with the quality of copyright products, not only can reduce the rising cost of the game marketing, but also the online players on average up more than 30%, so the hand travel industry's demand for high-quality copyright is also increasing. Shi Yong, an analyst at the Analysys think-tank, believes that the big players, such as "Big Tech", are in the bag. Today, the competition for high-quality copyright has been in the hands of the tourism industry, and compared to Tencent, Shanda such "self-produced" copyright, the internal digestion of the hands of the company, the other hand tour companies "snapped" the potential of copyright appears more rapid.

According to the Nanfang Daily reporter learned that in the 2014 World Cup fierce fighting, the football game has become unusually hot, the domestic hand parade for fine football games have robbed very intense. In June this year, the giant mobile announced the strategic cooperation with Neowiz, pushing the first agent to visit the "FM One Ball fame." And the Network Qin hand tour platform for more than tens of millions of FIFA authorized by the official hand Tour "Champion 11"-fifa 2014 hand Tour exclusive agent distribution rights. The industry more analysis, "Champion 11" will be the World Cup Dongfeng, become a strong competitor in the domestic market, Fei spent money to get the agent is hoping to take advantage of the World Cup hot spots and mobile game tide again on a new level. It is understood that the Network Qin through the acquisition of flights into the hands of the market, set out to create services to developers in the hands of the platform, to become a strong competitor in the domestic market, Fei spent money to get the agent is the hope of the World Cup hot spots and mobile game tide again on a new level. Comparatively speaking, the "big technology" of "snapping up" the copyright trend appears more swift and violent. As early as the hands of the tourism industry launched a high quality copyright before the "big event technology" has been foreseen in advance the strategic significance of high-quality copyright, won the NBA and other heavyweight high-quality copyright.

There is no doubt that the 2014 hand travel industry will experience more intense than the 2013 concussion, copyright resources gruel, the cost of the game rising, Shanzhai games, resulting in the hands of the industry disorderly elephant clusters. "Big technology" CEO Tony Mei in an interview said: "For hand Naolai said IP is important, but it is not omnipotent, in the final analysis, the quality of the game is the key." Therefore, ' Big tech ' redefined the meaning of IP cooperation, in the active acquisition of copyright and ensure that IP to promote the success of the game at the same time, improve and maintain the brand's own characteristics and the quality of the game, play its own advantages will be copyright and game design itself strong combination, do not drift in the same quality of the mire, to achieve hand-travel and copyright multi-directional The current hand tour industry, only fully branded products to achieve the ultimate success. "In the face of the plight of the industry, the industry said, in the IP depth of development, hand-travel enterprises also to the depth of development, can not only be limited to the IP content of cooperation, but also extended to marketing, promotion and cooperation in different industries.

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