High-speed Hong Kong virtual host, free to build stations, exempt from the record that is open!

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Now a lot of friends, is for the http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/8456.html "> website record is slow to pass and worry about it!"

Zhuo days Network for your melancholy, timely push when high-speed Hong Kong host, no need to record, free gift post office and build station system (including hundreds of sets of construction station template, with a variety of construction station functions, will be typing will do the website), that is, buy that open, affordable, welcome to consult!

So, many friends will ask, Hong Kong host what advantages? Let me answer for you:

1. The Hong Kong host website domain name does not need to record, at present the domestic registration procedure is troublesome, some one or two months still can not officially through the website to put into use, seriously affects the company business to carry out; there is no such problem in Hong Kong host.

2. Hong Kong's limited server conditions, freedom of speech, very suitable for the launch of Forum, Information class Web page

3. Hong Kong hosts in the domestic visit relatively fast, compared with other overseas hosts.

4. Hong Kong computer room with no barriers to communication, language, communication and convenient, conducive to the rapid resolution of the host problem in Hong Kong.

5. The host computer room in Hong Kong is manned, the service is better, unlike foreign communication through the mail, so the problem is very slow, and not like some of the domestic server to work hard to find a server to deal with the people.

6. Hong Kong host Europe and the United States and other overseas visits faster, many customers use Hong Kong host to do a transit point or direct use of Hong Kong host foreign trade speed is good, because the Hong Kong host bandwidth is international bandwidth, so there is no telecommunications netcom interoperability problems.

So do foreign trade, the Forum, the Information network, or anxious to the Web site online do not want to record too troublesome users, can buy Hong Kong host, according to our test, the speed of Hong Kong host and domestic double line, even in Netcom, railcom and other line visits, faster than a raise!

Now Zhuo-day network to buy Hong Kong host free value to build a set of value-added station System + Enterprise Post Office set, purchase that access to a full set of sites, very value, snapped up address: http://www.e000.com/vhost/overseas.php?s=ying

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