High-tech entrepreneurship which strong? Microsoft VC Accelerator favors large data and artificial intelligence

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Large data and artificial intelligence technology is not only the chips of the IT giants competition, but also the fast track of the success of the creators ' entrepreneurship. On January 24, on the Microsoft VC Display Day, the results of the fifth phase of the 15 teams and selected sixth 21 teams, covering the internet finance, corporate collaboration, online education, life services, health management and other areas, none of the use of cloud computing, large data, Mobile and artificial intelligence technology to seek new market opportunities.

Launched in China in July 2012, the Microsoft Venture Capital Accelerator offers a full range of services for the selected start-up team, including "change, find, market, and users", which includes the office space within the current period (6 months) located in the Microsoft Asia Pacific Development Group Building in Zhongguancun, Beijing, And for entrepreneurial enterprises to provide entrepreneurial guidance and cloud services.

In the 15 fifth phase of the entrepreneurial team to showcase their products and progress, we see smart equipment is very hot, such as the Fire Bird, Anrumpu, Rui Ren Medical technology and so on, are focused on this area. Among them, the bird follows the Internet thinking, provides from the design service to the supply chain system to the quality channel ability, focuses on cracking intelligent hardware applause not draw the dilemma, promote intelligent hardware innovation marketization. Anrumpu from the material point of view, and strive to allow wearable equipment to be comfortable, fashionable to wear, a collection of sensors, materials, information and other interdisciplinary research, providing pressure sensor hardware sensors and chain sensors. Rui Ren Medical technology has launched a "Fever director" real-time care of the baby's body temperature, according to the changes in temperature to provide alarm and medication reminders and other treatment recommendations. In addition, the Geek College, which is dedicated to it careers online education, also launched all IT Hot courses in 2014, including smart hardware development.

Machine learning technology is emerging in this phase of the team. Focus on the quantitative financial data, the concept is based on machine learning and Internet risk pricing, to achieve the quantitative link between the allocation of funds, so as to achieve low interest rates of rapid financing of the public finance. There are also indoor location technology and service of ink trajectory technology, the solution is combined with signal processing, data fusion, machine learning, large data mining technology and a highly expanded cloud computing architecture, through the SDK to mobile application developers and vertical industry to provide mobile Internet services to data analysis capabilities. Of course, their specific application situation, still await csdn further interview.

There are also large data teams that do not use machine learning. Geohey, a geographic SaaS platform for Mobile Internet, is the technology and data support for the mobile internet to provide geo-information, helping users better connect their business with the offline world. It provides the basic geographic data and geographical background, business data, while the online custom map style, but also has a geographical analysis function, through the API, SDK and app to meet the different needs of users, can be accessed through the public cloud approach, can also be privatized deployment. The Rubik's Cube, based on the large data technology, constructs a core capability of automobile bus design and analysis, which can collect and analyze all the data of the vehicle without interruption, detect the condition and driving behavior at any time, and realize the function of automobile fault forecast, driving behavior analysis, intelligent remote control and so on.

In addition, the innovation that accelerates team collaboration and application development is also quite impressive. Teambition is an example, when we put the work on the teambition to create a project follow-up, Teambition has the ability to provide a new era of management model, you can understand each member of each work progress, this time managers can provide timely help, Not in the final accountability. Teambition founder Zi Junhuan introduced, on the teambition whether it is Office documents, or design drafts, or the usual follow-up to some of the information, as long as we provide a full online preview, you can directly on the right side of the file to express views. Another nut cloud, through the innovation of file cloud storage services, including enterprise-oriented file management cloud services (can host large attachments in the mail system, can also carry the market materials in the customer relationship management system, can also carry the contract and legal data in the Office Assistant system), data protection control, data backup, etc. Use consumer-level user experience to allow files to be safely and reliably shared across platforms. Leancloud is a mobile application of one-stop back-end cloud services, to do is to abstract the back-end requirements of mobile applications into a common interface, so that developers can directly call the Leancloud to achieve all the backend requirements, so he can put all the resources on the development of mobile applications. Leancloud CEO Jianghong says this can help some teams shorten the development cycle by Two-thirds.

After the debut of the fifth team, Microsoft Asia Pacific Research and Development Group chairman Wuen announced Microsoft's sixth Venture Accelerator Enterprise list, including the following 21 teams:

Extending search from the Internet to mobile applications allows millions of applications to be used with the odd point of wit.  Committed to providing users with the most convenient, most practical mobile phone tools for the extension of the century.  Focus on the development and operation of online education products in primary and secondary schools, build China's online database and interactive community's first brand Rubik's Cube of the cloud era.  Let the enterprise Information System Professional complex log search analysis, can be as simple as a search engine easy to use the log easy product team excellent.  Focus on bio-sensing and wearable technology to create a continuous automatic measurement of vital signs of life in the volume of physical examination of the trend of the watch.  Skylark Technology providing a cloud service platform for next-generation high-density dynamic computing capabilities.  Provides the world's first cloud health self-service testing equipment and remote consulting services, glasses kang large data team Tenxor.  The use of large data and natural language processing in the customer service area, allowing customers to obey the company, from the cost center into profit center wisdom tooth technology.  Committed to using the world's leading depth learning and computer recognition technology, to create the most fashionable taste of artificial intelligence of the code-long technology.  Service all over China thousands small and medium-sized restaurant of agricultural products mobile electric business American food.  To build the world's most easily controlled intelligent UAV, so that everyone realize the flying dream of the billion-flight intelligence technology.  Picture class The creator of the original advertisement Lund pictures identify the semantic analysis and cognitive analysis technology of artificial intelligence advertising companies to know map technology.  Build a one-stop application development platform Apicluod, using Internet thinking to redefine the development of grapefruit technology mobile applications.  A dog Doctor who provides online health counseling and offline care services for pets with smart devices.  To create a mobile era of intelligent routers, to create a future smart home data and artificial service center listening technology.  Committed to building a first-tier market start-up companies and investment databases, and data-driven entrepreneurship and investment, providing enterprise-class services for it oranges. To the flat card units, to the community as the central axis of life service platform building.  To mix and match the expert model to create a global designer O2O brand of a technology.  Help sales people develop multiple networking technologies, improve personal performance and enhance social and personal CRM clients.  The computer control system and cloud computing technology combined with the robot platform team Euler space. Bio-Tech Team from Taiwan dedicated to reproductive optimization to create mobile interconnection testing equipment and services.

From the introduction of Wuen, we can see that these 21 companies also focus on the innovative applications of large data, mobile and cloud technologies in different fields. Wuen said that these enterprises are in the declaration of the 700 entrepreneurial team screened out, the selection rate is only 3%, very difficult.

The difference is that the fifth most popular more is the ordinary intelligent hardware, and the sixth phase of the use of artificial intelligence, in-depth learning and natural language processing technology enterprises (including wisdom teeth technology, code-long technology, billion-flight intelligence technology, knowledge map technology and Euler space, etc.). Microsoft believes that technology, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, which has appeared in films years ago, is now moving from technology to commercial services to reach the user's daily lives.

Looking at the results of the previous incubation of Microsoft's VC Accelerator, of the 85 companies that have graduated, more than 90% have received a new round of financing, a total valuation of more than 10 billion yuan, six have been acquired, a large data company landed Shen New Sanbanxi, hatching products covering more than 300 million users and tens of thousands of enterprise-class customers.

In view of the current difficulties of entrepreneurship, such achievements are commendable. Visible Microsoft VC Accelerator Vision of the sinister, more visible its carefully screened out of artificial intelligence, large data, mobile and cloud of new technology direction, indeed has to fly into ordinary people's home.

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