HKEx continues to pay attention to bear 64145 sell 16898

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After yesterday's fall, it rebounded more than 4%, stock prices of HKEx continued to rise this morning by more than 4%, and up to 10:35, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange reported $114.6, an increase of about 4.5% per cent, and the Hong Kong exchange's Nest wheel, which accounted for about 17.5% of the turnover, was the most active individual equity wo-round project.  HSBC shares also rose more than 3% per cent this morning to $66 level, with HSBC's Waterloo taking up about 7.9% of the deal. Related WO-wheel selection: HKEx call warrant 16898/exercise Price $98.00/11 month due HKEx subscription 16739/exercise Price $108.00/12 Month maturity HSBC subscription 16742/exercise price $61.5/09 year October maturity HSBC warrant 16746/Exercise Price $65.0/ October 09 due to the expiry of the relevant cattle Bear Card selection: Hong Kong Exchange Bear Certificate 63725/$90.18/The exercise price $83.18/10 month due to the Hong Kong exchange of cattle certificate 64145/Recovery price $120.18/exercise Price $83.18/10 month expired HSBC cattle certificate 63823/Recovery Price $55.88/ Exercise Price $49.88/10 Month maturity HSBC Bear certificate 61649/$74.889/price $82.296/7 month expires
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