Hong Kong Awards announces 13 nominations for "Detective Dee"

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"Detective Dee's Empire" 13 nomination awards leading Sina Entertainment Beijing time February 8 afternoon, the 30th annual Hong Kong Film Awards announced this nomination, Zhang Jiahui announced the nomination list. "Detective Dee's Empire", "Sword Rain" and other five films to compete for the best Film Awards, in other awards for the two film competition is also very fierce.  Among them, "Detective Dee's Empire" won the best film and other 13 nominations leading, "Sword Rain" 11 nominations followed, "Leaf asked 2" and "informant" scored 10 and 8 nominations respectively. The following is the full shortlist for the Hong Kong Film Awards: Best Film: "Daleitai" "Detective Dee's Empire" "Ye asked 2" "Sword Rain" "Informant" Best Director: Guo Zijie, Zheng Sijie "Daleitai" Tsui Hark "Detective Dee" Yip "yeh asked 2" Su Zhaobin "Sword Rain" Lin Suxian "Informant" Best screenwriter: " Break up say love You "Full Moon Hennessy" "Daleitai" "Zhi Ming and Spring Jiao" "Informant" Best Actor: Chow Yun-Fat "Confucius" Jacky Cheung "month full Hennessy" FAI "Bruce Lee" Zhang Jiahui "informant" Nicholas Tse "informant" Best Actress: Shikeki "break up said Love You" soup only "month full Hennessy" Yang Thousand Miriam "Zhi "The Ming and the spring Jiao" Carina Lau "Detective Dee" Josie "Victoria number" Best Supporting Actor: Teddy Robin "Daleitai" FAI "Detective Dee" Chao "Detective Dee" Xueqi "Sword Rain" Liao "the Informant" Best Supporting Actress: Zhu Mimi "Full Moon Hennessy", "Full Moon Hennessy" Shaoyin "Daleitai" Zhang Jing First "  The city alert "Yuanan" Fly Sand Wind Relay Best New Actor: Jingboran "The whole city is in love" Peng Guan Period "amphetamine" Chen Yueren "Bruce Lee" du aerospace "yeh ask 2" du aerospace "leaf ask prequel" Best photography: "Confucius" "Detective Dee's Empire" "Dongfeng Broken" "Ye Ask 2" "Sword Rain" best clips: "Detective Dee" "Ye Ask 2" "Sword Rain" "King of Gun King" "Informant" Best Art Guide: "Confucius" "Bruce Lee" "Detective Dee's Empire" "Ye asked 2" "Sword Rain" The Best Costume Modeling: "Confucius" "Bruce Lee" "Detective Dee" "Jing Wu Chen" "Sword Rain" the Best sound effect Results: "Detective Dee" "Ye 2" "Jing Wu Chen" "Victoria Number" "Informant" the Best Visual Effects: "Detective Dee" "Ye 2" "Jing Wu Chen" "Victoria Number" "Sword rain" Best Action Design: "Daleitai" "Detective Dee" "Leaf Ask 2" "Jing Wu Yun Chen True "Sword Rain" Best Original Film music: "Break upSay Love You "Daleitai" "Detective Dee" "Leaf Ask 2" "Sword Rain" Best Original Movie Song: "Confucius" "The whole city is in love" "Dongfeng Broken" "Sword Rain" "Lovers ' Whispers" new Director: Shore West "month full Hennessy" Felix "Flying Sand Wind Relay" GWO trillion "drinkers" best Asian Film: "Hawthorn Tree's Love "Confession" "Father 7th" "Aftershock Earthquake" "Unhygienic Monga"
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