Hong Kong Equity fund receives 1.1 billion USD net subscription in one quarter

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Although there is still a net redemption, according to the Hong Kong Fund Association recently released data, the first quarter of the Hong Kong market stock funds to change the 08-year net redemption posture, there have been 1.1 billion U.S. dollars net purchase.  And bond-type, capital-protected funds in the stock market rebound in the impact of the Capital Preservation Fund to redeem the most serious. The most popular of the Greater China Fund is the data just released by the Hong Kong Fund Association, covering the first quarter of the fund's retail situation, from the data, the Greater China region (including the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, two of the three market) stock fund sales are the most gratifying, three months a total of 5.3 billion U.S. dollars sold, But also suffered a 2.84 billion dollar redemption, a total of 2.46 billion U.S. dollars net purchase. From the three-month data, the number of subscriptions increased month by week.  In addition, the funds invested in the Hong Kong market also showed a net purchase, which recorded a total inflow of 50 million dollars. But the interest in other Asian countries is clearly less than in Greater China, where equity funds that invest in Asia (excluding Japan) still show net redemptions, with a total of 520 million dollars redeemed and 80 million dollars redeemed if the investment range includes Japan. In addition, the target of the Asian single market (excluding Japan, the mainland and Hong Kong market) stock funds also recorded a net redemption of 520 million dollars.  In addition, in the Stock fund, the fund obviously is insufficient to the emerging market investment confidence, has redeemed 500 million dollars, has the interest to the industry stock fund to be bigger, has recorded 448 million US dollars net purchase. In fact, the data also fully reflects the fund to the profitability of a better region transfer trend. According to Morningstar, stocks in the Asia-Pacific region (including Japan) fell 7.8% in the first quarter, while South Korea, India and Singapore recorded negative returns, with the Japanese market having the biggest drop. Relatively speaking, China's Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland markets have positive returns, of which Taiwan's SME fund overall rose 7.6% of the average income.  It is no wonder that the Greater China Fund has been courted by funds. Capital Preservation fund suffered a blow to equity investment because of the stock market rebound, in March, the net redemption posture, from December, whether the global bond fund or the United States, Europe, Asia bond funds, are present net purchase, but in March, the global, U.S. bond fund redemption data suddenly enlarged,  But Asian bonds are still in the pursuit of funds, three months are net purchase, a total of 490 million yuan inflow. Similarly, money-market funds still present a net inflow, albeit with few subscriptions. This is different from the mainland market, where the mainland's currency and bond funds are generally net redeemed in the first quarter. Morningstar analysts believe that bond-type funds in the Hong Kong market have not been heavily redeemed, the reason is that some high-yield bonds have fared well in the first quarter, with relatively low levels of investment, such as high yields on US dollar bonds, sterling High-yield bonds and Euro High-yield bonds, and government bonds performing well,  Short-term debt funds are better than long-term debt funds. On the other hand, the Capital Preservation Fund in the Hong Kong market suffered a heavy blow, with a total of 2.6 billion dollars redeemed in a quarter, it is worth noting that the hedge funds changed over the past few months to redeem the amplification momentum, recorded a 1.6 million-dollar subscription.
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